What are main men types women date with

Women are women and it does not matter whether it is Ukrainian woman, American woman or Chinese woman. All women like men of some special types.

It is fairly safe to say: many men, many types. Let’s see at the most common. They are all different and prefer different women, because one key can’t open all the locks. Every man choose himself woman of the appropriate character and temperament. Another issue is that usually we like those who do not suite us and vice verse.

So, men types:

Lion-man. With such a man woman can go through fire and water, and generally anywhere. He is strong, brave and determined. He is “like a stone wall.” Lion-man prefers weak, romantic and tender female whom he would like to protect and preserve.

Mole-man. Such kind of man doesn’t need anything, he likes to spend free time at home, to eat and sleep. He would suit a female Peony – a simple and practical woman. She would cook food and wash clothes for him, bring up children, and solve all the problems instead of him.

Peacock-man. This type of men is called “Narcissus”. He usually blissfully loves himself, believing that there is no one better and prettier than him. It should be noted that particularly he has no outstanding qualities and traits he possesses. Peacock-man would choose dummy chick, which has only pretty cover.

Fox-man. This man is the best of cunning, clever, is an excellent psychologist and always keeps his eyes open. He chooses a smart, successful, self-sufficient woman. Both of them are independent people, so get along well. Realizing that love is eternal, and it is not easy to find a decent partner they live without burdening each other’s way of life and without scenes of jealousy. And even allowing themselves to have other sex partners, they maintain respect for each other.

Rabbit-man. He is interested mainly in sex. He changes women, as gloves, and quickly loses all interest to ex-partners. This type of man has the gift of persuasion: it can convince almost any woman, not even being a handsome man or a tycoon. He does not need permanent girlfriend for life, but as an “alternate” Rabbit-man can choose unattractive woman, a kind of “gray mouse”, grateful for his fate and closing his eyes to all his affairs.

Dog-man. Man who lives with one woman for life or so called “devotee man” or “one-woman man”. Not looking for a crazy passion in life, would prefer a modest, charming, created for the role of wife and mother woman. For the benefit of his family, they honestly work together and also solve problems together. Maybe they don’t have crazy passion, but their family life is very happy.

Panther-man. He combines the quality of some of the above types of men: he is brave, strong, graceful, intelligent, like the man-lion, but more legible. He appreciates chic, beauty, good society. Not surprisingly, that Panther-man drives women crazy. Women, be wise, he likes only the process of “hunting”.

Regardless of the type of a man, woman has to choose the best option to create future family and so on. What about man? They also have to choose carefully their second half and very often men from all over the world choose Ukrainian woman for marriage. It happens mostly because of 10 golden qualities of Ukrainian women and valued all over the world typical Ukrainian woman qualities.

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