What are good places for spending date in Hungary?

Hungary is generous with unusual impressions and what about special date in thermal spas and later nice meal with beloved one tasting colorful national cuisine? For example, tourists before traveling are interested what in the country seems most unusual, attractive and tasty… but why not to use these places for spending a date with Hungarian girl? Memorable date is one and the main step for the success. The proposed collection of the most interesting Hungarian things and places actually fulfills the mission not only for curious visitors, but also for nice places to spend a date in Hungary. So, what are the best places for nontrivial dating in Hungary? Ready for spending unforgettable date in Hungary? Lets move on!

Hungary is rich in warm springs with thermal healing water, curing many diseases, betraying strength and increasing mood. You will commit a crime if do not ask your girl to spend at least one date there. It is also a great chance to show your muscles and to see pretty body of your Hungarian girlfriend 😉 One of the most famous and visited bathing places of the country are the Szechenyi Baths, Gellert Baths and Turkish baths Kirai and Rudas. However, in fact, each of the cities, and even the villages of Hungary, has its own bathhouses, because they are a national treasure. You will feel the difference only in the scale of buildings and special effects. For example, the most grandiose impression is still made by the Szechenyi Baths – due to their size and abundance of swimming pools and baths in Miskolc – because of their colorful design and location in natural, but enhanced by special effects caves.

If after bath you got hungry it is the high time to ask your hungry Hungarian girl for famous goulash, of course, if your girlfriend is not vegetarian or is not on a diet.

Goulash is Hungarian national dish and depending on the density and ingredients, this dish can be either the first dish or the second one. The soup is named “Gulyas leves” and is a fragrant soup with a fair amount of melting in the mouth meat, supplemented with dumplings (balls of dough), seasoned with spices and paprika and served with a slice of wheat bread just extracted from the oven.

Special color serving makes goulash especially memorable when waiter serves it in beautiful clay bowlers. There are several varieties of the dish. The name of most known stew is “Porkolt”. But what if your girl is vegetarian? Not a problem! Hungarian chefs invented for vegetarians something special – “Gomba porkolt” – goulash from mushrooms. But let’s back for best dating places in Hungary.

How about date on Balaton Lake in Hungary? The lake is rightly called the “Hungarian Sea”, for millions of tourists come here as an alternative to sea tours. Thanks to the mild climate, the abundance of adjoining forests and warm water, rest on Balaton is a real sunny paradise for fans of beach hanging. Spending date on Balaton is gorgeous in all understandings of a great date. In addition to traditional entertainment on the lake, you can go in for water sports (sailing and surfing), as well as take part in equestrian competitions, catching fish with your girlfriend or admire the local wild “inhabitants” – herons, geese and swans. It could be great combination of active date along with calm nature watching. The beach season on Lake Balaton begins with the onset of May days and ends in the late autumn. However, the winter lake fascinates the view with its splendor, sheltering with a lace blanket of ice and as if hiding its waters from the winter cold.

Continuing the topic of active dating in Hungary you can go hiking on the Gellért Hill. Mount Gellert is one of the most outstanding sights, both in Budapest and Hungary. The name of the mountain received in honor of St. Gellert, who was the spiritual guide of the King of Hungary – Istvan, who also baptized Hungary. However, later he was punished in a terrible way – he was put in a nailed barrel and descended from the mountain into the waters of the Danube. Therefore, the mountain was named in honor of the bishop, and later in memory of him on the slopes built a monument to St. Gellert. By the way, on the mountain you will find a memorial to Istvan himself, as well as the “Monument of Freedom”. The mountain is dotted with parks and decorated with a waterfall, but that’s not all. Tourists around the world are climbing the observation deck of Mount Gellert to admire the beauties of the capital of Hungary from a height. They say that it is from this place the view of Budapest is simply amazing. Isn’t that a nice place to spend a date in Hungary? You must try it for sure!

What are other great places for dating Hungarian girl? You can ride the oldest metro of the continent and the longest tram on the planet. Perhaps you will be surprised, but the first metro of Europe was opened in Hungary. Moreover, the stations of the yellow line “M1” in Budapest today look exactly the same as a hundred years ago, and on “Deák tér” you have the opportunity to look at the Underground Museum of Hungary – “Millennium Underground”.

As for the trams, you will need routes #6 and #4 in Budapest, where the length of trams reaches 54 meters, thereby making them world famous. By the way, these metropolitan trams are not only the longest on the planet, but also the busiest ones, because of tourists, who in order to get in touch with the world transport history often use the services of hospitable fifty-year old carriages. Movement along the picturesque banks of the Danube reinforces the impression of the tram trip and all the date in general.

Many people are nervous during the date, especially if it is the first date. How to cope with that on the first date in Hungary or maybe just on the next date? During the date you can taste real natural wine! First of all, try the local famous “Tokay” – its taste is insane and inspires even the most sophisticated winemakers from the whole planet. Why to be surprised? Hungary is the mother of Tokay wine! Where can you find this wine? Perhaps, everywhere – all wine cards of restaurants are decorated with this sort of wine, all wine cellars and plants offer tasting and sale of “Tokay”. Perfectly taste also other varieties of wine – Sopron, Villan and Eger. The most colorful place for wine tasting is the legendary “Valley of Beauties” in the town of Eger, where more than 200 wine cellars are located, offering tourists the best wines of Hungary and generously treating travelers with traditional goulash. Do not forget about the local “Bull’s Blood”, which is actually equated with the elixir of courage, for the warriors after the use of this wine defended Eger before the Turks, although the number of enemies was 40 times more than defenders. You or your girls do not consume alcohol and wine is not for you? Than you can conquer the Danube on the river boat!

The Danube River is the pride of the Hungarians. The services include regular travels of local motor ships of different comfort and fascinating content. You finish your date with an evening sightseeing tour of the Danube, enjoying a glass of wine with your girl or order a trip with a whole complex of entertainment, including a banquet, live music, performances by artists and the accompaniment of animators. Doesn’t it sound like a great date option in Hungary?

Other ideas for perfect date in Hungary? Yes! You can rejuvenate on the Lake Hévíz. If Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Europe, then Héviz is the largest warm water lake. You can swim here at any time of the year, even in a fierce cold, wrapped in a fishnet cloud of steam over the water. In Heviz not only water is curative, but also a multi-meter layer of silt at the bottom of the lake. It is said that many pilgrims make pilgrimages here trying to restore youth or stop old age. It should be noted that both the result and the impressions of the holiday in Héviz are invariably satisfied with all the visitors of holidaymakers, as it is incomparable with nothing. Under the lake there is such a powerful thermal spring that the water in Heviz changes every 28 hours, and the temperature never (even in winter) falls below + 26-28 ° C. Stormy vegetation in the form of the dazzling beauty of tropical lilies on the surface of Héviz makes a final note to the euphoria of staying here.

Which girl does not like sweets? Spending date in Hungary you can visit the Museum of Marcipana. Marzipan is a sweetness from almonds and sugar, however in Hungary the production of this confectionery has been turned into an art form, making of such simple components paintings, figures and other masterpieces. In Hungary, there are 5 Museums of Marzipan – in Szentendre (the most famous), Budapest, Eger, Keszthely, Pecs. Expositions are dazzling, to some extent, the jewelry work of creation. In the halls you can admire figures of celebrities in full growth, for example, Michael Jackson, a map of Hungary, the capital’s Parliament, heroes of films and cartoons and other fascinating sweet exhibits. Each museum has a confectionery shop where you can enjoy the taste of marzipans.

Visit the village of Hollowo. Can you visit the past? In Hungary, yes. The village of Hollokyo is a journey into the past, living a calm, measured life until today, despite millions of curious eyes of tourists. The history of the village goes back to the XIII century, 67 local buildings are considered monuments of architecture. Hollock is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is an open-air ethnographic exposition that lives in the daily village life. Here live about 400 inhabitants, who conduct their usual business: carving, pottery, embroidery, livestock, work in the garden. They do it under the general overview of the guests of the settlement, which adds color to visiting this ancient place.

Spending date at night? Then you will be amazed by beauty of night Budapest. Night Budapest is an unforgettable sight. Backlight immerses the city in a special atmosphere of the Middle Ages. According to tourists, the most fascinating foreshortening at night Budapest opens from the deck of a boat or a floating bus, cruising the Danube. The scattering of artfully illuminated bridges, the outlines of majestic buildings, fresh air and the soothing sound of river water – all this dips guests of the Hungarian capital in an atmosphere of magical mood with a sense of being in the medieval past. Such a nice romantic calm atmosphere is god for the first kiss oт the date with Hungarian girl.

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