What are English women like

Now it’s time to speak about pretty part of the nation – English women. Some people believe that women in England are not particularly beautiful. This is just a stereotype, must say, and everyone find his own beauty, someone likes Ukrainian appearance or Polish pretties, and someone adores English ladies. Many of English girls are real beauties. Among British, they clearly believe the higher your social class is the more beautiful lady is. But the “lower” strata of society, if we dare to say so, in this regard just does not care. English women do not particularly like make-up, preferring natural appearance.

Like any of the girls in the world, Englishwoman love sales and waiting for them. Here English rationalism plays the main role and why not to buy expensive branded items on sale if they are be much cheaper than usual? Compared with many other countries, the girls in England do not very often go to a beauty salon. Firstly, because they are brought up in such a way, and secondly, the English salons are much more expensive than, for example, beauty salons in the U.S.

Not dwelling on her waist, British woman will not abandon herself from sweets, as well as U.K. women are often found in fastfood cafeteria.

As for the clothes, here Englishwoman especially prefer the comfort and convenience. Heels and dress they wear rarely, only when going on holiday evening, or while visiting an elite English night club or restaurant. The rest of the time you can see them in comfortable jeans or pants, blouses or shirts without plunging neckline and in flat shoes. Sort of a combination of classic and comfort. English women’s names should be described in separate topic. Read also: UK Woman Characteristics: all about British woman and more

By the nature English girls are pretty confident, they are ambitious, something even self-sufficient. They are always ready to pay your bill on a date. Being in a society, they are constantly welcoming smile, because they are taught this from childhood. They are quite practical and well thought out, especially in terms of everything related to the household. Generally, Englishwomen are rather good housewives, they love to spend time at home, take care of their garden.

Englishwoman will never violently express her emotions. One would rarely see scandals with crockery smashing and when wife leaves the house; again, this is special English mentality. It’s even good, because it’s easier to save the relationship, not swearing on every occasion.

By the way, now more often seen a bad trend – Englishwomen began to drink much more alcohol than before. Perhaps in such a way they are also trying to establish themselves as a feminist, you can see more and more girls in British pubs, drank an equal footing with men.

Women in England marry usually not in a hurry and for a long time meticulously searching for the chosen one. On average, they only they create a family at the age of about thirty. It’s a little late for the birth of children, but expensive accommodation in England are such, that before giving birth, you must first be fully confident in the chosen one.

British women are not very emotional, but truly love; wearing casual jeans, but when it’s time they will dress up in luxury and fashion; they are contradictory and mysterious, difficult to understand them, but it’s worth it.

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