What Americans think about the Russian people and Russia

Americans did not always shine with an encyclopedic knowledge of geography, history and other subjects. Americans, no doubt, have their national traits and qualities. Russians and Americans have much in common, but also there are many differences between these nations. Average educated Russian knows quite a lot about Americans, but not all educated Americans know as much about Russia, maybe because they do not need to. Anyway, let’s generalize from the point of view of Russian, what do Americans think about Russia and Russian people?

That’s fun how some Americans think that the whole world speaks English, as people in the United States speak English. The Americans think that Russia is dangerous to travel because they will be beaten by the Russian in the street, only because they are the Americans. Of course, it is insane exaggeration, as in common Russian people are quite hospitable nation. There are exceptions, like dangerous areas in big cities, etc. By the way, Russian people watch too much TV and believe all what TV says. Russian politicians use this propaganda to rule the nation, so if one day TV would say Americans are enemies, the level of danger would certainly rise up. For now, it’s not that dangerous at all, on the other hand, most of Russians would try to prove they are better in everything and would make fun on Americans, who are not accommodated to real life (most Russians think so).

Some Americans think that the Russian wife can be bought on the internet. Some Americans see all Russian women online as potential scammers. Sometimes it comes to paranoia and contrary to common sense. Some Americans think that Russian women are the best wives in the world. They imagine Russian wife as caring housewife, docile and loving, often with those qualities they are lacking in modern American women.

Many Americans think that on the other side of the planet people live very differently. Americans are genuinely surprised when they see a civilized Russia and people who are just like them; dress, go to work, have a car, have the same problems, etc.

Americans think that it is cold in Russia all the year round and everyone wears coats. Actually, there are four seasons in Russia and the summer could be as hot as tropics or Africa.

Americans do not understand Russian humor as well as Russian people do not understand American jokes. American humor seems Russian people sometimes tactless and rude. A Russian humor often seems too “thin” and “abstruse” to Americans.

Here is what some Americans think about the Russian people and life in Russia. Of course, this does not mean that all Americans think so. But very often the opinion of Americans on the Russian people is like that.

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