Wedding traditions in Bulgaria

Bulgarians often celebrate wedding ceremony in winter or fall. This is because in summer Bulgarian people work in agriculture and tourist season has it’s pike so it is not the best wedding time. Weddings in Bulgaria are usually celebrated on Sunday. On this day, the groom along with his friends, family and matchmaker goes to the bride’s home. A bride meets matchmakers in ordinary clothes and offers refreshments, and the meanwhile going to wear a wedding dress. At the same time girls family pass bride’s dowry in return for a ransom, which gave the groom.

After the bride wore her wedding outfits, couple after receiving blessings from their parents go to church. Brides used to ware national dresses only, but now they usually wear plain white wedding dress. When the wedding ceremony in the church was completed, the married couple is sent to the bride’s home, where mother-in-law is waiting for them. They are offered sweets, bread and wine.

After this the wedding feast starts. Bulgarian wedding remind other Slavic wedding events, with special recklessness, plenty of food and drink, singing and dancing till you drop.

An important element of Bulgarian wedding traditions is wedding night. If it finishes successfully, the goal of all celebrations, rites and customs was achieved. The main purpose was that man prove he is matured and a girl had to demonstrate her innocence. In old times if all ended well, newly made husband fired from a gun.

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The next morning, the young wife in a handkerchief, which is a symbol of marital status, brings the groom’s family water and offers to wash by pouring their hands. The final element is a wedding table, covered for their relatives and friends, which is served by married couple according to the customs.

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