Wedding in Thailand

Modern realities are pushing many couples to register their marriage abroad. More ideal place than Thailand will be difficult to find. The wedding in Thailand attracts for a variety of reasons: snow-white beaches, amazing primeval nature, warm sea and much more. In such atmosphere in love couples feel themselves as heroes of fairy tale. An additional bonus to the solemn event will be an unforgettable honeymoon in Thailand. The wedding in Thailand is planned by the organizers on different parameters. Perhaps everything you need just to choose the right package for the wedding ceremony. Having determined with it, you will receive from the organizer-firm an account for all services, after payment of which the newlyweds will be provided with a detailed explanation of all costs, as well as a full script of the solemn event. The place for the wedding ceremony is chosen by the newlyweds. There are usually several curious options like wild beach, a small island, a wonderful garden with local trees, yacht, waterfall or even exotic wedding under the water. The newlyweds themselves determine the place of the wedding, based on their preferences, to remember this day forever. Firms offer newlyweds standard wedding decoration packages like a wedding in Thai style, a wedding in a European style or a combined wedding.

European style wedding in Thailand

The action begins with the passage of the newlyweds to the altar along the path under the flower arch. The presenter gives a speech, after which the newlyweds are given a candle. These candles should be lit at the same time, after which the couple can tell each other some words. The question is asked, the consent is obtained, and there is an exchange of wedding rings and a wedding kiss. Honeymooners are showered with petals, champagne glasses are rising and photography is taking place. After this, the couple makes a traditional landing of a love tree and the wedding waltz sounds. Just married are signing wedding certificates and a gala dinner begins.

Thai style wedding in Thailand

A Thai wedding begins with a visit to a Buddhist temple in which newlyweds are dressed in Thai costumes and blessed at sunrise. The costumes are given for rent. In the temple there will be an opportunity to take some photos. During the ceremony, the newlyweds will be given flowers, boiled rice in a vat and salad dressed in packages. All present monks will need to be given a little from this set. After that, the monks sit in a row, light candles and begin singing, while sprinkling the newlyweds with water. At the end of this procedure, gifts should be presented to the monks. Then guests with the bride and groom are moved to the immediate place of the wedding ceremony. All are dressed in local costumes, live local music plays around and Thai dancers are dancing. Before the newlyweds a symbolic gate of gold and silver as well as green material will be installed. The couple should pass through the gate leaving a gift otherwise they won’t be let to go. After the passage of the gate, the groom gives gifts and communicates with the mother to pick up a bride. Having received the bride, the newlyweds pass along the red carpet under a white arch and sit down at the prepared tables. Then the presenter speaks the necessary words, after which garlands of flowers are put on the newlyweds and on the head they place one white rim connected to each other and three white dots are drawn on the forehead. The couple folds their palms over the flowers and every suitable guest says wishes and pours on the hands of the water consecrated by the monk. After that, the traditional Thai dance is performed for the newlyweds. Read also: Typical Thailand woman – always young and popular among foreigners

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