View from abroad to Russian women: they walk on the ice in high heels, rarely cry and never pay for themselves

In this article we will sum up some views on Russian women and not traditionally only show the points of Western men, but will give the opinion of Russian men as well.

So, what Russian men think about their women?

Anton: Guys don’t believe those pretties. I was so dumb that I have married to pretty woman. On the wedding ceremony I thought she is real pretty. We never lived together in a civil marriage. And what I have now? In the morning she wakes up with no makeup all face swollen, her eyes are like slits. She’s so horrible! However, then she uses bruises glosses, mascara, lipstick and wearing a nice clothes and looks brilliant! So, our beauties have made themselves and under a layer of makeup often hide colorless face. [Personal thoughts: maybe the author is offended on his wife; maybe she demands too much from him, including money, fancy clothes, resorts and luxury life so he’s angry at her and expressed his feelings in such a way; maybe his wife is sick and needs to see a doctor? Swollen face and slits-eyes could tell about kidney disease]

Ivan: Russian women are always lovely loyal friends, ready to share with their man all his difficulties and always support and provide him with energy to move forward. Russian women are the best what Russia gave to the world.

Kirill: I believe that it is women’s high time to pay for themselves, regardless of their nationality. The custom of paying for a woman went to one of those times when women did not work; they just stayed at home and, of course, could not pay for themselves. Now the situation has changed dramatically. If two adults and independent and go to a restaurant, why a man should pay for a woman?

The Real Man says: Personally, I love it when women pay for me. I do not understand why I have to pay for the lady. It is unprofitable and uninteresting. According to famous proverb, “Russian woman is able to stop galloping horse and get into burning house”, but what about just paying for herself at the restaurant? Otherwise it is unscrupulous.

Leonid: What else distinguishes Russian women is they are more likely to listen to their husbands and partners. American woman is more independent, frequently earns more than her husband and often is large boss at work. It is difficult to expect that in the evening she will listen to her husband, a school teacher. If you ask a foreigner who had an affair with a Russian girl, the first they call is not beauty, but the character of Russian woman.

Nikolay: Specifics of Russian women is that some of them are not self-sufficient. As a consequence, a woman is not sure in herself and feels not self-confident. Therefore, she is more willing to adapt to the partner than he would. And she often demands less. It is very attractive for many men.

Dmitriy: Love appears not because of manicure of your spouse, but just appears for some reason and that’s it. Take this as it is. Russian women compare favorably with so many other features. For example, modesty, education, reliability, gentle attitude towards loved ones and children, the ability to not bother to material problems. These best-qualities open only with your loved ones. If you want to have such girl friend you have to be the same level yourself. A fool gets the usual ordinary girl whom he deserves.

Arkadiy: Our women abroad are not used to pay for themselves. They are used to pay with their body. I always wondered who and when inspired our Russian ladies that men are so primitive and so obsessed with sex that by sleeping with him, she can achieve all she wants?

What Russian women think of this?

Lara: Girls! Let’s face the truth! We are all stunning and beautiful for one simple reason: many Russian men are just awful and we have always wait for alert, to be always in the best attire as suddenly one day we may meet real love! To meet foreigner is a chance to change the drinking manager Nicolai with bad skin and high requests to positive and optimistic Nick, next to which we can feel loved, protected and beautiful even without pins, mini-skirts and make-up ready to get the “Oscar “.

Maria: I envy American women. They are fat, without makeup, wearing pajamas and flip flops calmly and confidently go for groceries or walk. Always sincere, friendly and joyful they praise my figure, my smooth skin and heels. No matter how many I lived among you, American women, it is impossible to me to be as relaxed and self-confident as you and do not worry about the opinions of others about my appearance. I do not know how to get rid of my horrible Russian mentality and begin to enjoy life.

Tatiana: Clothing and behavior of Russian women in Russia and abroad is due to socio-economic factors. First of all the fact that there are much less men Russia. In Russia, unlike in other countries to marry is equivalent as to make a career and become the executive director in the West. Therefore, the majority of Russian women take all actions are aimed at one thing – to find and bind to a man. Therefore, war paint and heels are worn always, even in inappropriate situations, just in case: what if suddenly the only one would turn up today?

Diana: A man will pay a penny and then you’ll get problems with him for the whole pound. The fact is that from the moment he payed he begins to consider himself master of the situation. I remember one gink on the first date has bought a hundred grams of soy bars and then put his hand on my waist! I’m afraid to think what he would expect if he gave me chocolate bar!

Anna: I work in London. In my office English ladies are dressed in scary shoes, wear the coat made of a plastic drape. And they wonder why they are still unmarried and Russian brides have stolen all their grooms.

Lyudmila: As chairwoman of one international marriage agency said: “For the foreigner Russian wife is an opportunity to buy a new car for the price of second-hand.”

Svetlana: I live 10 years in Hamburg, Germany. Our Russian girls and the women on the street can be seen from afar. Among our compatriots even goes a saying: “I see you speak Russian.”

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