Venezuelan man: what is he like?

In Venezuela machismo is very widespread. You will see this if you are American or European woman and you visited Venezuela on business. If you have business with Venezuelan it will be man, for sure, and you will have show and remind him all the time you are equal business partner.

If your spouse is Venezuelan man you will have to pass some hard times to get used to their mentality. The thing is about the role of woman in Venezuelan society. It is known that she mostly serves the man’s needs and keeps the household. If you want to be with Venezuelan guy or your boyfriend is Venezuelan you have to be ready to listen to him and show him he is the head in then family. If you will explain him things like equality of man and woman in life and relations he will think this is some silly foreign rave.

Some say the head of the Venezuelan family is a woman! For her man is ready to any actions. I guess this statement isn’t true. In Venezuelan family man not only rules, but also does all what he wants to do and wife has to take it for granted. Even if he comes back home drunken and she gets to know he was with other women. She may yell at him and they may argue, but it is quite habitual and even normal for Venezuelan family. Read also: The story of marriage Venezuelan woman and European man

There is one exception if you are foreign woman. The attitude of your Venezuelan girlfriend might be different if his attitude in the same case but with Venezuelan girlfriend. But don’t be too happy too early. Attitude might be not bad and he surely will make efforts to please you but some day you could see real him and you may not like it.

Of course, this all is rather individual and you can’t judge all Venezuelan man according to stereotypes. If you met some guy from this country and want to have relations with him listen to your heart and if it says “yes” than give it a try. Don’t be upset or disappointed if some points of this article influenced you in such a way. I would like just warn you in advance and gave you this information just in case.

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