Venezuelan life, Venezuelan girls and places to meet them

How different is Caracas from the other Venezuelan cities? It is Capital, after all, and maybe the best place to find girls? Well, if you think so you have to know a lot yet. Just the whole country is poor, and in fact all is the same everywhere.

What difficulties of adaptation you face with being for the first time in Venezuela?

– In Venezuela all the things go differently. As for the weather, it is very hot. It feels right when you exit the aircraft. More unusual was initially that it always gets dark at six o’clock in the evening during any season. There is sun and – bang! It’s dark. The dawn is also at six.

Typical Venezuelan – what is he/she like?

– Very positive people who live a carefree life. It seems they do not care of anything: about money, about work, they do not want anything. They have a permanent fiesta, celebration. Something happened, and they have fiesta, and they stop working. For example, it began to rain and they stopped working.

It is impossible to force Venezuelan to work. Venezuelans are quite dangerous guys and they can shoot. In principle, Venezuelans are the descendants of pirates and Indians plus the Spanish conquerors. Therefore, it made such a dangerous mix. At the same time Venezuelans are quite soft.

In Venezuela 70-80 percent of people live very poor. They live in huts, which they built themselves nobody knows of what. When you are entering Caracas, on the one hand you see normal houses, but on the other till the horizon you see the slums.

Several villas, a few high-rise buildings form the so-called urbanization. It is a kind of settlement with the security of which is fenced. Within this urbanization it is secure.

Prices change every day. Literally. There are no price tags in stores. The price you will know only at the box office. This is because there is just crazy inflation in Venezuela.

And ordinary Venezuelans like to chat, they like what we are white. They even take pictures with white. But the bandits, they call them malandros, they are very interested in foreigners. Foreign tourists are even instructed it is necessary to have some money just in case there was something to give the robber. Because if you say you have nothing they will not believe and just shoot you.

Latin American girl must be very beautiful?

– The ideal of feminine beauty for Venezuelans is considered a full-figured woman of “guitar” body type. On the 16th anniversary the best gift for Venezuelan girl is considered an operation to put implants in the breast and thighs. For example, skinny girls who do not have the money and therefore cannot afford an operation can be suffering from complexes because of their appearance. Overall, I would not say that there are very beautiful women in Venezuela. It’s like watching a Hollywood movie – where all the girls are beautiful, you come to the US – there are no such people on the streets. Similarly, in Venezuela girls are not so pretty, as we imagine that Latina hotties. Basically, many women are little obese with the forms. Well, Venezuelans like these. Read also: Are Venezuelan women popular as brides among American men?

In Latin America, prostitution is common in various forms. What about Venezuela particularly?

No one in Venezuela hesitate to take advantage of paid love. The streets are full of gays, transvestites, which can be easily distinguished by appearance. In my opinion, many men seem too soft. But if you want there are a lot of specific places where you can easily find a girl for the night. Another issue is that there is no health service as such in Venezuela, so if you decide to use these services, you operate strictly at your own risk.

What are the rates for services of love in Venezuela?

As for all in Venezuela, the prices for such services are changing every day. As far as I know the rate is $ 50-60 per hour. Mostly local women earn money in such a way. Most of them already have children. By the way, Venezuelans often do not marry and do not create a family. They just do not need this. They either live together or not. For 20 years, many women already give birth to two children. When mother is 30 years old, these children are old enough, and a woman can continue having rest. And often there is no father. Or the father is local malandro who goes shooting and getting the money in this way.

There are a large number of homosexuals in the streets of Venezuela. They are not shy, apparently easily recognizable. Venezuelans are from those who seek to earn providing different services. By the way, services transvestites and homosexuals are quite expensive compared to conventional prostitutes. Therefore, only the wealthy people can take advantage of them. Read also: Could Venezuelan girl be a good wife for American?  

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