Venezuela and the Venezuelan women – pretties you can’t imagine

Visiting Venezuela remember there are two exchange rates – official and non-official. The second is higher, but it is better to exchange money at the tourist agency as it is safer to do it there. When exchanging currency you should not deceive yourself on the highest rate in the street as in 100% you will be robbed.

Security. It is always a sore subject when going to Latin America, but nothing serious. In Venezuela, people are kidnapped only Colombians for ransom. But only in a few areas: west of the country (just west of Merida and Lake Marokaybo) and the southern border with Colombia. But I can assure you that there is no particular risk: the kidnappers know in advance everything about the victim and the tourists do not encroach. For example, the city of Ciudad Bolivar and Ciudad Guyana are rich and there exists a special unit of the police engaged in investigations of children of wealthy Venezuelans kidnappings.

More problems are with the usual looting: Do not walk the walk favelas, even in the daytime without anybody from the local guides. Even in affluent areas is possible to encounter robbers, especially for some holidays, but it is the same everywhere in the world. By the way, Caracas is clearly divided into safe and unsafe districts – the more to the east, the better. Police is corrupted and asks for bribes. Remember to have and to carry with you certificate you do not have yellow fever.

Clubs and discos are safe. The main danger comes from the poor people, but they do not go there. To be sure ask the taxi drivers – they know everything. Gold is very cheap in Venezuela, so you can make great present to your girlfriend; there is large gold market in Ciudad Bolivar. But be attentive when purchasing gold in the markets as there is a lot of hype.

Language. If you go to the most touristic places (Canaima, Margarita) English is enough. Otherwise Spanish is strictly necessary. Sometimes even guides on the excursions do not speak English.

Caracas. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, relatively not very big city. In the west part there are favelas, so it’s best to stay in the eastern areas. The hotel in Caracas I recommend is Nostrum Hotel in Las Mercedes district. First of all it is situated in an area where you will find many clubs and restaurants next to the hotel; there is also inexpensive restaurant, the name is translated as yesterday’s Caracas (Caracas de Aries) Secondly, the area is safe. It should be just 10-12 USD per night for two persons. Read also: Dating Venezuelan girl you have to know peculiarities of man and woman relations in Venezuela

Concerning the night life it is hard to say, as there are lots of institutions, working mostly on Friday and on weekends. But it is hard to find them as they are covered from tourists’ eyes and it is necessary to know where the place is and better to visit it with local friends. Casa de Chicas (House of Chicks) – the name speaks for itself. They are located mainly in the areas Chacaito and Cuidad Universitaria (areas with middle level of security, try not to walk alone at night). It is close to Sabana Grande. Prices are from $ 8 per time (the time depends on you) to $20 per hour depending on the institution.

Merida. This is south-west of the country in the mountains. Be sure to visit the highest cable car in the world (4700 m, at the top of the statue of the Virgin Mary). The road is only open in the morning; there is cheap rental center where you can get jackets and other warm clothing. From Mérida you can buy 3-4 day tours on Lake Maracaibo and to Los Llanos eko-farms. Nightlife is represented by only two clubs – one in the country, private, rather reminiscent of a brothel, and the second – a cool disco Cucaracha (Cockroach). Places are safe. There are two or three hotels with a personal garage; a cost of room is$ 20-40 / day. The girls here are extremely pretty, a little narrow-eyed with dark skin; said Colombian type of women. If it is so, then Colombia’s my favorite country and I’ll go there for sure 🙂

Barinas. The city is 200 km to the east from Merida, but in the plain. Mitsubishi has factory hare and so people have money. Nothing much to see, only good discos and clubs, all in one place, every taxi driver knows. Indian types of women; are more reluctant to foreigners than other women in Venezuela.

Stunning mountain trip from Merida to Barinas; by the way, if you buy a tour to Los Llyanos of Merida, then you will pass it. The height is up to 4500 m; imagine now eating blueberries, 10-15 minutes later the nature is like fall in Central Europe and 10 minutes later you are collecting bananas. Riding in the clouds and on a level with them is too exciting. Super.

Most of other cities in this area of Venezuela are not memorable. I dwell on one of them because of the contrast in living standards. In the city of good hotels and internet-centers you may see people queuing for milk and bread. No prostitution since all these women selling their bodies as work part time. You go to the pharmacy or store and when saleswoman sees you are white offers the price – $20 for two hours.

Ciudad Bolivar and neighboring Ciudad Guyana are industrial center of the country. Cities are rich, especially ciudad Guyana. The hotel near the airport across the street is $ 40 per couple per night. There is absolutely nothing to see in the city; if only to go to the bridge over the Orinoco River. River itself is not attractive, dirty and narrow, but the suspension bridge and its cover are made of lattice, so that if you stop it (that of course is prohibited), you can see the water beneath them. There are 5-6 discos in the city couple of them are not recommended to visit because of security issues. Ask the taxi drivers where is safe to go for foreigner. There is a country club in suburbs with the strippers.

Saint Angel. You should definitely buy a flight on an airplane to it; the pilots fly up to it as close as possible, open the windows and passengers are taking pictures.

Women. Women in Venezuela are great, at least for me. Venezuelan women are fiery hot hearts. They are pleased to get acquainted with you. Everywhere. One feature: in the bars and discos, you always may be the only visitor at bar counters, because everyone is dancing, and if you do not know how it is great problem. For dating in Venezuelan clubs dancing is just needed. So if you don’t dance it is better to get acquainted with Venezuelan girl in the afternoon and in the evening you will go with her to the club. If you want a fee of love, almost from every hotel you can call a girl. Price is about $20-30 per hour.

But my opinion is that you should go to Venezuela not for sex, but for the relationships, emotions and sex will happen for sure as the part of this adventure.

In Venezuela you may find many nice girls who are eager to get acquainted with you and if you are good in communication with girls you will get one of them into your bed; sex is like a part of communication between guy and girl in Venezuela. If you learn some dancing lessons and show what you can at the club on the dance floor you will surely find few local girls interested in you and your evening most likely would be ended with sex with one of them. Here in Venezuela you have sex for sex, but not sex for money like in Thailand, for example. There is a difference between spending time when you pay for time with woman like buying a thing in the store and walking a woman a dark moonlit night, cyclically repeating the 3 famous Spanish words while listening to the answer with incredibly musical declaration of love, paying some $10 for a taxi and making her some small present or buying a dress.

What else to write about free sex in Venezuela? You just have to be active and make new girl friends everywhere: at the disco, in the airplane, in the mall. The only exception could be local Indian girls who are more reluctant than others. And yet learn dancing and Spanish. Ability to dance is the second language in Venezuela, and at local discos it is even the first language. By the way, you can enroll in a dance group right there. While you relax and learn how to dance the attention of local muchachas is guaranteed during trainings and after – at the disco.

It is necessary to visit Latin America not for sex purposes, but for the relationships and emotions and sex is inextricable part of it. If you have problems at home with communication with girls you will not succeed either in Venezuela. I do not take the example of prostitutes as they are the same everywhere.

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