Uruguayan girls marry foreigners or no

Information you could find about Uruguayan girls on the Internet is rather controversial. One say it is great country to find girl, lover or even a wife, but the other say it is better to do this in some Eastern European or Asian countries. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

As for foreign tourist it is better to visit Uruguay during the season, when it is summer in Uruguay; otherwise if you expect something like parties and beach life you would be disappointed by decently calm way of life and not much interest to you as the foreigner.

Do Uruguayan girls often get married to foreigners? I would rather say NO. Uruguay is the most developed economy in South America and people live here pretty god and prosperous. You may see that judging from the prices for food and drinks at local restaurants, cafes and bars even when it is not season. It is rather expensive in comparison to Eastern Europe, Asia or other South American countries. If you are budget tourist you better visit some other country and it is hard to imagine you can be a good candidate for husband for Uruguayan woman.

To impress Uruguay girl you will have to speak good Spanish and that could be a problem for you; if you will not have communication and face up with language barrier she would be not interested in you and you will completely lost interest for her; no chemistry no relations. This is one more reason why, for example, Americans quite rarely marry women from Uruguay.

One more fact why Uruguay girls not often marry foreigners is because foreigners are not really eager to see them making a role of wife in the family. You may tell me about serious relations based on mutual trust, inside beauty and intelligence, but the first and the most important factor why men choose the exact woman to be their wife or girlfriend is their beauty, appearance, so called external data. If she is not pretty man will choose pretty one to start conversation with; if she is pretty but stupid he will look for pretty but intelligent; interesting fact here that every man evaluates beauty by some personal vision of beauty; if that girl is pretty for one guy, she may be ugly for another one and so on. In terms of world, Uruguayan girls are not considered to be extremely pretty and hot; there are nice, pretty and good looking girls, but I would not say it is massive trend, like in Eastern Europe, for example.

I can’t say about the intelligence of Uruguayan women, but judging on articles written by different sources on the Internet, very often foreign tourists meet not very intelligent women and do not know how to move that conversation longer; add to this a language barrier and you’ll see the perspective of average wooing attempt with Uruguayan girl; I have also thought, maybe this communication barrier and misunderstanding that westerners consider “not being too intelligent” happens because of cultural and mental difference? Who knows… but the fact women of Uruguay are not very welcoming for wives in the USA is real.

By “foreigners” in context of Uruguay I mean men from North America, Australia or Europe, not considering bordering Brazil or Argentina.

To sum up, it is not very widespread that women from Uruguay would massively marry foreign men; the reasons are good economical situation in the country when women choose to stay living in Uruguay and for husband they choose local man from their culture and with the same vision of life. Is it bad? No, I would not say so. Also, women of the country often not become the dream of westerners or Europeans and if there is no demand there is no supply. As for now, marriages between Uruguayan women and American men are rather rare and not take massive character.

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