Uruguay and its beautiful nature and women

Uruguay is a country in southeastern South America. Capital city of Uruguay is Montevideo. The population is about 3.15 million people. Before the Spanish colonization the land was inhabited by native tribes of Uruguay (Charrua, Chan and others). The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. There are many attractions that are open to tourists. Among main attraction is Uruguay women, as many tourist of from Europe and North America think.

Another scenic spot is Uruguay Uruguayan Riviera. This beach resorts east of the capital and many pretty Uruguay girls could be found there. In the period from December to March the richest people of Europe, Brazil and Argentina having rest there. The east coast is less expensive, but equally attractive tourist zone.

Colonia del Sacramento is godsend for fans of beaches and ancient architecture. Colony suis (120 km from Montevideo) retained the charm of old Europe.

Uruguay cuisine is a mix of culinary traditions of South America and Europe. The usual pizza, pasta, paella can be found on the menu of any restaurant. But you will like traditional Uruguayan dishes for sure.

Uruguay hotels are known for good service and reasonable price. Room in a local hotel during the season will cost $ 70-100 per day and in the off-season it will cost about $ 50. You better book hotel in advance, it can be done via the Internet.

Those who do not like to spend vacation in hotel are easily able to rent an apartment. But remember: the apartment, taken daily, will cost you more than a good hotel room. Therefore, it is more profitable to rent an apartment for more than a month. Depending on the location and plans housing price will vary. For example, one-bedroom apartment in a modest area of ​​Montevideo will cost € 300 per month, two-bedroom – $ 650, and three-room apartment with a good repair near the beach – $ 1,500.

The most popular in Uruguay are beaches. Crystal clear waters and white sand attract tourists from around the world. You will find here many pretty Uruguayan girls and maybe you will seduce one of them. On the Atlantic coast are also known thermal spas. Daymán Thermal resort is attractive to tourists throughout the year and you may find some girl from Uruguay to have fun with there as well.

To the east of Montevideo there are numerous beach resorts. The most prestigious is the rest in Punta del Este. This place is known for its wonderful climate and impeccable service; if you take girl here she would be all your and probably you would even marry girl from Uruguay here.

Equally memorable will be rest on Atlantis and Piriapolis resorts. They are located on the river Rio de la Plata. Ocean water is mixed with the river and has a brown tint.

Lovers of night’s rest will not be disappointed with a trip to Uruguay. In the evening at the waterfront of Montevideo and in other resort towns life is very active. There are numerous bars, restaurants and clubs and you may find there girl from Uruguay to spend night with or maybe she will be your girlfriend from Uruguay.

In Uruguay there are several water parks. The most famous of them is the water park with thermal water Sudamércia. Here you will see many pretty Uruguay girls in bikini and you will have a great chance to get acquainted with them, spend good time and have fun that may lead to some other ways of pleasure later.

If you find yourself in Montevideo in February, be sure to visit the famous carnival. It lasts about two months and rightly bears the title of the longest carnival in the world. Many pretty Uruguay women to look at are guaranteed here.

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