Ukrainian women increasingly want to marry foreigners

“I want to marry a foreigner” – such wishes are more and more common among Ukrainian ladies, who visit Ukrainian marriage agencies. There are no accurate statistics on how many women from Ukraine each year permanently leave home. But an increasing interest in overseas men is evidenced by the number of companies that specialize to organize meetings with potential foreign fiances and Ukrainian brides. Only in Kyiv more than 70 marriage agencies are counted.

For many Ukrainian girls, foreigner is associated with prince from fairy tale. Ukrainian woman thinks when she goes abroad she would get into a different world, everything would be different. Many girls want to get married, to love, to have money, some of them want to be kept by someone and do not work.

Unrequited love in Ukraine, the financial crisis, or simply a desire to live in more civilized country – these are the main reasons why many Ukrainian girls and woman want to leave Ukraine.

Chief of one of Ukrainian marriage agency told that nowadays the most needed type of Ukrainian woman that foreigners are looking for is a woman in its 25-35 years. Few years before foreign men preferred to choose younger potential bride, but the last 5 years this trend has changed and candidates under 23-25 years of age are not interesting to men from abroad. They want a woman who has already decided on what she wants, not the student.

If mostly young girls are ready to leave Ukraine, potential fiances, who come to Ukraine, mainly Europeans and Americans are already well over 45. This is what many foreign women are afraid of very much. For example, Dutch television before the beginning of Euro 2012 even began to twist ad with an appeal not to let men go in Ukraine. Like, insidious Ukrainian women will obscure eligible men.

There are days In Kyiv Central Wedding Palace when it is difficult to hear from the lips of the bride Ukrainian or Russian language. People speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. In short, since the beginning of the year Ukrainian women have married to representatives of more than 50 countries.

Typical working day, here’s Victoria, simple Ukrainian woman, who becomes lawful wife of ordinary Australian guy Simon. After all the formalities, the girl has to explain Simon why they need to bow down to their parents (Ukrainian wedding tradition).

For five months of this year, beginning with the 1st of January to the 1st of June, Kyiv Central Civil Registry has registered 269 marriages of Ukrainian women with foreigners. This is a record for all the years of Ukrainian independence. But no one can say exactly how many Ukrainians are leaving the country. After all, in most cases, people play a wedding abroad and no one sends data from out there.

Ukrainian women more than others think about their appearance, in particular; how they are looking when they go out. They are always with makeup. Foreigners like the desire of Ukrainian woman to take care of a man. She wants to be sure that you’re okay. Even small things, like do you have clean shorts and what would you like to eat are pleasant to man from abroad.

According to human rights activists, more than 60 percent of Ukrainian women marriages with foreigners are end with breaks and serious conflicts. Women are often thrown into the street.

Very often foreign men marry Ukrainian girl for she bore him a child. And after a certain period of time, it is very common around three years after the birth of a child, he says that all relations are over and asks Ukrainian woman (his wife) to come back to Ukraine.

Not all Ukrainian women tend to marry a foreigner. To say more, Many Ukrainian woman do not want to see foreigner as her husband, considering them cowards and not adapted to life. Many Ukrainian girls think that it is interesting to spend time and have fun with foreigners, but to associate life with will hardly be possible.

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