Ukrainian women go abroad, but with Ukrainian fiancé

In general, it is widely believed that Ukrainian girls go abroad and want to stay there for permanent residence looking for local men whom they are happy to seduce at any cost. This statement is not entirely correct, and a person who lives stereotypes sooner or later gets into trouble. A stereotype is a generalization, which is inherent in attributing to entire nations, peoples, ethnic groups. And is this not what hatred, racism, and ultimately the greatest conflicts in the history of mankind are beginning with? Remember, how it was, and then it will become clear why it is impossible to bring the whole nation together for a common denominator. What does it have with Ukraine and Ukrainian women? Everything is very simple. Ukraine has 42 million population, of which about 20 million are women of different age groups. 20 million are about 10 such countries as Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia. So, is it possible to describe in a word a woman who comes from Ukraine? Of course, it’s not. Indeed, even in Ukraine itself, there are many Ukrainian ethnic groups that are different, for example, in the style of household maintenance, in the family style and much more. For example, there are so-called residents of Polissya – North of Ukraine, Residents of Podillya – Center of Ukraine, residents of the Ukrainian Carpathians, residents of the Danube; I’m not talking about different ethnic groups on the territory of Ukraine – Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs. Therefore, someone correctly said that stereotypes need to be destroyed, because it is liberation from bias and stereotypes that will allow humanity to move to a qualitatively new level of development. You will never know anything about a Ukrainian girl if you do not get to know her personally, because every person except the country of origin has different education, different family values, as well as the part of Ukraine where every Ukrainian comes from, is very important as well. Therefore, getting acquainted with a Ukrainian woman is a lottery, and you will never know what kind this particular person is.

Tastes are also different

Let’s say somebody in the United States is guided by family values in questions connected with family creation and is looking for a young woman who will consider her husband the head of a family, cook him a soup and care for the children, but instead he gets from Ukraine a young brunette with piercing in her nose, eyebrows and a tongue, who listens to death metal loudly and sees no other meaning in life, rather than pleasure, because she believes that life is too short to waste it for stupid family values. Such a Ukrainian woman would be shocking for a Christian American, who believed in a self-created myth that a young Ukrainian woman would be something like his grandmother.

On the other hand, another situation may happen. A young American who loves drive and active life gets acquainted with Ukrainian woman through an agency. It happens to be she is Ukrainian girl from forgotten on map village, who lived most of her life with her parents on a farm. She really has those family values ​​that many American men dream of, but she will be unbearably tedious for an active man who is accustomed to daily bungee jumping, street racing, or at least for an extrovert who loves travel, communication, meeting new people. This is not so much about cultural differences, but the fact that each of these people has a different personal comfort zone and for such man life of his second half will seem unacceptably boring.

Ukrainian women go abroad, but …

It is true that young Ukrainian women who are capable of creating the family values ​​that every single American dreams of often travel abroad, but they travel in search of work, not future husband. They leave for abroad in pairs – that is, the girl goes with her boyfriend or a young wife goes with her husband. They work together for some common purpose, like buying a house in Ukraine or for other purposes. Often, such Ukrainian couples stay for permanent residence in the country where at first they were going to earn some significant sum of money for the start. This is due to the fact that they quickly assimilate with the local culture, adapt to the surrounding society, find new friends here. This is exactly the case when descent Ukrainian women go abroad. Descent Ukrainian woman would never go abroad on purpose to find husband there. Every morally weighed Ukrainian woman who dreams of creating a family will not “buy a man in a foreign shop”. For her, it is important that relations originated naturally, without artificial rush. Most Ukrainian women remain romantic and even in the strict reality of today they are waiting for a romantic prince who will win their heart.

Who are these Ukrainian women who register profiles on dating sites?

I can not say for everyone, because it would be wrong, but from my experience (I was born and lived for a long time in Ukraine) these girls are usually frivolous and empty-headed. Most of them do not want to learn, work, achieve certain goals in life, but instead, they would like to get everything right away. They do not want to work at home or at work, so they will be bad housewives. They love to have good clothes, ride on expensive cars, flaunt their status with others, but the maximum they are ready to give away is itself. Because that’s all they have. Most of these girls from Ukraine are looking for a foreign groom on dating sites. In addition, such girls are not in demand among Ukrainian guys, because nobody wants to date a girl with whom half of the locals and half-of-the-world foreigners were in the bed. If this is a Ukrainian girl from a small city, then she practically has no chance to get married there because of her moral condemnation. It turns out that wishing to find a decent wife from Ukraine on the dating site, the American finds a frivolous pretty looking doll that can only spend someone else’s money and do selfie on expensive resorts, with such a girl there is nothing to talk about – it’s just a good shell that is empty inside.

Where are these good Ukrainian brides?

They are in Ukraine, but they are not looking for a man on purpose. This woman is a good mother, a loyal friend, an interesting conversationalist and passionate lover, but she is self-sufficient and is not intended to marry just some guy. This Ukrainian woman (which most Americans dream of) is in a relationship only with the man that she loves, regardless of nationality, but statistics suggest that most of these Ukrainian women are married for Ukrainian men. They are not looking for men on dating sites, because they can easily find a decent husband with a decent income in Ukraine. It is not unfortunate, but in most cases, if a Ukrainian woman is deliberately seeking a foreigner on a dating site, something probably is wrong with her. She is not in demand among decent men in her homeland and there may be serious reasons for this. Of course, there is a chance to get acquainted with a good Ukrainian girl who can be a good wife, but only if it happens easily, for example, during Ukrainian girl’s travel to certain country of the world.

Is there a difference which part of Ukraine Ukrainian bride comes from?

This is my personal opinion and it can offend your feelings, but yes, there is a difference. From my personal experience, I can say – in Eastern Ukraine girls are considered more accessible than, say, in the West. But everything depends on upbringing in a particular family. Also, I personally believe that although girls in the East of Ukraine are more frivolous, they are generally more beautiful than in other parts of Ukraine. At the beginning, I wrote about stereotypes, so I would not like to make them here myself (but probably I will non-intentionally). That is why I repeat – this is my personal experience, it can testify nothing and in every case everything will be different. In 2009, I was in a student exchange at the then Ukrainian Donetsk, and this evening I had intimate relationships with the girl from the East, whom I met. I studied at a university in Western Ukraine, lived in a hostel, and there similar situation was simply unreal. To do this, first you had to date a girl for a long period of time – like at least a few months. A friend from Western Ukraine, who worked at a gas company, told me that they had been sent to explore new gas fields to the East of Ukraine in the Luhansk region. They lived there for several months. Among his colleagues, all guys who wanted to have regular lover among local residents – they had; and as gifts they brought vodka, sweets and certain products they bought. However, for the sake of justice, I will also say that I met Ukrainian women from Ternopil, Lviv oblast (Western Ukraine), who either simply betrayed men, including foreigners, or used them as material benefits. So it is all fair and it depends.

Do Ukrainian women know that they are beautiful?

Those who are looking for a groom on purpose know about it well and try their best to emphasize, support and extend their beauty. They go to the gym to have a good figure, sit on the diet and use tons of cosmetics, although they do it skillfully and elegantly. They amplify their natural beauty and know well that they are beautiful, because their beauty is their product and they use it to achieve material wealth.

But most Ukrainian women do not know about their beauty. They were born like this, they grew up in the midst of the same beautiful Ukrainian women and for them to be beautiful it’s just as common as to see a fog for the resident of London. They do not pay much attention to it, but with good genetic data, they just stay beautiful, living in everyday life, just occasionally supporting the already existing beauty.

Conclusion: Ukrainian women are different. You can not believe stereotypes, but you can look at the behavior of your chosen one. How does she behave with money, what topics she likes to discuss, what kind of family she comes from. Then somehow you can estimate the roles of a girl’s moral qualities, but that is not always the case. The fact remains that most decent Ukrainian women, who can be wonderful wives and caring mothers, are not looking for men abroad on dating sites. The only way out to find a decent Ukrainian wife is to come to Ukraine and get acquainted with a bunch of girls, then to filter out those who are fond of money and American citizenship, and only then start a serious relationship with some of them if she will find you interesting enough, because she might not. Yes, Ukrainian girl whom you may like might not like you and nothing would help – just forget her.

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