Ukrainian girls online – story told by Ukrainian guy

My hobby is making websites, I used to do it to earn money only, but then I realized it is much more satisfaction when you combine both – share your experience about some topic you know, life, whatever and, of course, when you earn on this as well. I am Ukrainian guy, I was studying foreign languages and I like to share stuff about Ukraine in English. This time I am starting to share information about Ukrainian girls because who could know it better that Ukrainian guy who spend not less than 30 years living in Ukraine.

Why Ukrainian girls online and what I can say about this today? Why this online topic exactly? Because I have something to share.

In Ukraine in small towns it is very common to go downtown on Friday night and on the weekend. Maybe, as in the rest of the world. I live in apartment block and on the floor above me lives one old granny. She has granddaughter and I know her since she was a child playing dolls in the yard. Now she is about 23 and she is married to American guy. She was working in online dating agency and helped to “connect” American guys and Ukrainian girls together – dating and marriage agency. When you work in the online store and have lots of Chinese stuff, you may choose better items for you and buy them for cheap price – the same when you work in online dating agency – you may choose the best suitable American and use agency to do it for free. That is how the girl I know did.

How did she found a job in online dating in Ukraine?

While studying foreign languages at the University in Ukraine. She wanted to earn some money and started to earn well. Actually, it is very popular in Ukraine when girls who study foreign languages work in online dating agencies and write tons of correspondence every day under different names. So today she is Natasha and Tatiana and Ola and tomorrow she is Irina and Oksana. It is well paid job and many girls use their skills in English to work there. In addition, you don’t have to know English perfectly, but these girls know it well because they are studying it to become translators, interpreters, teachers of English.

Who are these Ukrainian girls who work in Ukrainian online dating agencies?

The first Ukrainian girl I would like to tell about

Let’s come back to my experience. I was telling about my neighbor – granny and her granddaughter. She is 10 years younger than me. When I was 27 my friend had wedding, his future wife had a cousin – the same girl who is granddaughter of my neighbor granny and who works at the dating agency. She had a boyfriend at that time and they were both together present at the same wedding of my friend. Was this girl pretty? According to American standards she is model – slim, nice face, eyes, but in Ukraine I would tell she is average, something little less than pretty. As for me she had terrible character. She was annoying, did not have any manners – such a Barbie without good manners, very mean one. Before wedding we had bachelor party and girls had something the same for girls and we met together later in the club and then at the house of my friend. I can tell about manners of that girl because for few days we lived in one house. Maybe she was not that bad, she was with her boyfriend, but she was not good either. Just a girl from Ukraine I knew for a long time, but now she was grown up. She was studying English at the University at one of Ukrainian cities and should become a teacher of English or translator. While studies she has found job offer in Ukrainian dating agency and went to work there. She combined work and studies. Some say she had dates with her future American husband at that time already, but it was at the time she had her boyfriend. I can’t prove it, but I would say it is highly possible. As the result she graduated, broke up with her boyfriend, her American guy visited her few times and they made wedding in Ukraine. That is the story of Ukrainian girl who worked in Ukrainian dating agency and has found nice young American guy for husband. Most of young Ukrainian girls are not that lucky and often they get some old American pervert online. The girl I know used her connections in dating sphere according to her work and has found herself husband.

The second Ukrainian girl I know, who works in online dating agency in Ukraine – her story written by me

I can’t tell that much about this girl, because I know her not that well as previous girl. The thing is she is the same age as first girl I wrote about, she is also from my town and she also studied at the same University where the first girl and she was studying English as the foreign language. She also practiced English while she was at school few years before this because we visited the same teacher of English for private lessons. Once I even walked her home after some Friday night party but it did not finished anything like sex for me although many were telling she is easily “affordable” and some even said she rarely takes shower and has smell “there” so maybe I was lucky that day as there was nothing between us. As for more – I can’t say anything interesting about her, she is not married yet, but some people say she has foreign boyfriend. She looks gorgeous, but uses way too much of makeup as for me.

Are all Ukrainian girls like that? Do they dream to find American husband online?

No. Definitely not. Among let’s say hundred girls I know more or less closely only two work in online dating sphere and have some relationship with foreigners. 4 girls I know are either married or dating foreigner, so I guess it is not much. Many have Ukrainian boyfriends and even though some of them are going to work abroad they are not looking for boyfriends and husbands there, but come back to Ukraine and some are going abroad with their Ukrainian husbands or boyfriends. So it rather depends on personal qualities of character, family in which the girl was grown in and many other factors. As you see – everything is pretty personal. By the way, the first girl I was telling about comes from Ukrainian intelligent family of teachers, her father is a teacher of math and mom also works as a school teacher.

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