Typical Thailand woman – always young

Most men around the world believe that Thailand is home to very attractive women. It seems that the girls of Thailand have some hidden recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, many Thai people look much younger than other women at their age. Youth and beauty of Thai women attracts men, but they are also adored by gracefulness and incredible harmony which is characteristic feature that almost all Thai girls possess. Many note that mixed Thai girls are especially pretty, by mix I mean when mother is from Thailand and father is from Germany, for example, and their daughter is mixed child. In this case girls look a little different from original Thai women, but what is prominent about them they are very pretty.

Many men from all over the world are going to Thailand not only in search of easy love, but also because Thai women prefer European looking guys and eagerly get in contact with them. Currently, Thailand is actively developing economically, but the division into rich and poor is very acute when visiting this country. Even in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, there are wealthy people in luxury apartments and beggars in slums. And if you visit the northern and north-eastern regions of Thailand you will see where the poorest people, mostly the peasants, live. Those are the areas from were young girls are sent for work to megapolices. They work as prostitutes, masseuses in salons with additional services, and some, especially lucky ones, can become wives for wealthy Thais or farangs. However, it should not be considered that all prostitutes in Thailand are poor. Many, on the contrary, are fairly well off, with a good education. Some Thai people are engaged in this business all the time, and for some it is a temporary additional source of income.

Girls who are educated and do not work as prostitutes are a godsend for any tourist. They are always ready for contact; therefore they are considered one of the best women in all of Asia. They come up with some restrictions where it is going about getting naked. But this does not mean that local religion forbids them from physical contact and sex under the penalty. Sex for those Thai women is an important part of everyday life. Many Thai girls are secret lovers of local men who are eager to have some fun aside. Wives are reserved for such hobbies, although sometimes they encourage the visits of husbands to massage parlors themselves to provide them with “special services”. The reason for this approach is the lack of emotional attachment to a prostitute.

You can communicate with Thai girls in English, which is taught in almost all schools. Although, not many people could communicate in English those are mostly girls who live in the tourist cities of the country. Some women know a few phrases, although it will be almost impossible to understand them. It is better to learn the local language a little before going on holiday to Thailand. Read also: Why Thai men like European women

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