Typical Myanmar (Burma) women

Myanmar is a state in the Southeast Asia, bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. The country of Myanmar has another common name Burma. So, let’s start talking about beautiful women of Burma. Based on the geographical location of the country, you can make a preventive conclusion about the external appearance of a typical resident of Burma, in particular, to draw the image of Burmese woman in your imagination and, yes, it would be an image of an eastern woman. But it will not look like the image of a Chinese woman, either Japanese, or Indian. The women of Myanmar are endowed with their own particular beauty. Being small in height completely deprives Myanmar women of awkward, angular and abrupt movements. On the contrary, any movement is graceful and elegant. Not to mention the gait as it’s just like singing a song. You can watch Burmese girl dressed in national clothes forever. The traditional long up to the ground skirt with a fixing knot on her side leaves a lot of room for male fantasy.

How typical Myanmar (Burmese) girl looks like?

Myanmar girls have very thick, strong black hair, perfect straight posture, and open, affable face with slanted eyes. This is exactly the kind of image that attracts European men and American men who are choosing Asian destinations for recreation just increasingly. However, at first many tourists and travelers are somewhat embarrassed by the faces of the Myanmar women, which are affected by local “cosmetics”. The fact is that according to tradition, as well as for cosmetology and hygiene purposes, women put pasta from the crushed bark of the local tanaka tree on their face, most often on their cheeks and forehead, and less often on the nose and shoulders. There is no special strictly established drawing made with this pasta and everything is arbitrary and according to the woman’s mood.

This “mask” has antiseptic and anti-burn properties. After bathing it is put on the whole face completely for a while. The effect is achieved in a complex way as skin is protected from drying with its simultaneous moistening and cooling which is very important for almost permanently being under the scorching sun Myanmar women. And thanks to antiseptic properties, a mask based on tanaka eliminates acne. That’s why Burmese women have perfectly smooth skin.

Myanmar women also have not quite understandable to the Americans desire to stretch their necks – since the young years girls are wearing metal rings around their necks, as the neck is extended, another ring is added. Thus, by the age of majority the girl has a neck stretched from the normal physiological length by about 10-15 cm, while the total weight of the rings reaches 6 kg! If they continue to insert rings, then by 45-50 years she can stretch her neck up to 40 cm. This length of the cervical spine is officially registered with a resident of Myanmar. Naturally, the rings can not be removed, since the muscles are atrophied, more precisely, they are generally absent as superfluous. Fortunately, this procedure is not mandatory and not all female Burmese mutilate themselves.

What about discrimination of women in Myanmar?

This is the external “side of the coin”. The routine of a Burmese woman is by no means idle and serene. On the fragile shoulders of an ordinary citizen (ordinary, therefore every second inhabitant, because the population of Myanmar is 70% rural) lies an incredible burden of cares, troubles and responsibilities both at home and at work. In Myanmar women dominate in such areas as trade, craft, and agriculture. As a rule, most tents and spots for selling are owned by women. It is often possible to see a Burmese doing heavy physical work. And such merciless exploitation of women has a ridiculous explanation as men periodically go to monasteries, moving away from worldly vanity and indulge there a knowledge of the world and are getting to explore themselves better.

In addition, female labor is paid far below the male labor, which is very beneficial for the employer. And this state of affairs is considered favorable for the female part of the population of Myanmar against the background of other Asian states, where women’s rights and freedoms are more affected. Maybe this is due to the fact that in Myanmar women have equal access with men to education, science and culture. There are no professions or jobs in Myanmar which are forbidden for women to do. But another matter is that women do not themselves seek to get a good education and to get a decent job then. Burmese women believe that men are more intelligent and more inclined to knowledge and sciences. In addition to artificially lowering the level of wages, Burmese women are discriminated when visiting Buddhist temples, where they are prohibited from entering certain rooms and climbing the upper floors of the pagodas or even accidentally touching the monk.

But politics is the restricted area for Burmese women. Nevertheless, almost the whole world knows the name of Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese politician, winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to peace, gender equality and human rights in her native country. Feeling persecution by the Government of Myanmar for her loud statements about human rights violations and being persona non grata in her own country she was placed under home arrest, where she spent 15 years. All these years she was deprived of the opportunity to see her son, party colleagues, and fans. Nowadays Aung San Suu Kyi enjoys incredible popularity among the ordinary Myanmar people, the press and even with UN representatives.

Most of Myanmar older women smoke. This applies to a greater degree to older women, though. They are smoking not cigarettes, but kind of cigars produced by local tobacco artisans or twisted by hand. If to describe it briefly, it is a twisted corn leaf stuffed with a mixture of crushed tobacco and palm leaves. In addition, the cigar is flavored with tamarind juice. But it is hard to say they are smoking these cigars. They just make a smoke holding it in their mouth like classic cigars. Maybe that’s why young people do not support smoking cigars and do not see neither aesthetic nor practical use in smoking Myanmar cigars.

What are Myanmar women in marriage?

Burmese women in a marriage are just ideal for most men. Not knowing what the feeling of laziness is, they keep the house and family clean. By nature Myanmar women are monogamous and treason is extremely rare. In everyday life they behave modestly, they do not contradict the husband, but they can give good advice.

Burmese women are beautiful. The features of the face of not tall girls and women of Burma are very gentle. Hair is long black, thick, and puffy with health, eastern slanting eyes. They are calm, balanced, friendly and smiling. They have rounded hands with thin long brushes, small legs, slim figures, proud posture. Light Mongolian raid gives their women a special piquant charm. Even in old age, their faces retain their expressive features. Burmese wear graceful lunches, they are always neat and modest, there are no bare shoulders or bare knees. But thanks to the national style of clothing, especially the girls of Burma, look very graceful. Long skirts, without hampering the movements, attach special plasticity to their movements and hint at the perfection of the lines of their owners.

Their faces are always open, moreover, only when working in the field, Burmese wear wide-brimmed hats and in normal life their head is uncovered. Burmese women are very clean, wash themselves several times a day, in cities there are special pools and in villages they do it in the rivers. They also wash clothes everyday.

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