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Almost all inhabitants of Indonesia are Muslims, like in many countries of this region, for example, Malaysia. This is whole bunch of Muslims, which counts about 135 million. Even due to the fact that Islam is not official religion in the country almost all the people are Muslims. However, the rules of Islam in Indonesia are slightly less strict than in neighboring Malaysia. For you to know Indonesia is the first in the world according to devoted Muslims and as you may assume it affects the life of the country very much. What are the main treasures to average Indonesian? Money and health are main values for Indonesians. Those are the things they usually wish when giving greetings for the birthday o other holiday.

All Indonesians without exception are very fond of all sorts of jewelry, gold and diamonds. No matter how poor the family is, every newborn girl immediately gets inserted gold miniature earrings in the ears and all the men are wearing rings on their fingers depending on their own wealth – rich people with diamonds and poor people with tin. Well-off and rich old people all have inserted golden teeth.

What about divorce in Indonesia? Actually, according to Muslim rules it happens very rarely, but if it happens then divorced woman usually quickly finds another husband. Usually woman remains alone if the husband has died. Usually the widow marries again quite quickly. The children usually stay to live with grandparents.

Indonesians show great love to children and this love seem very pure, unconscious and even slightly naïve. But even here personal interest was not avoided. The reason comes from traditional belief, which is accelerated and proved by old Indonesian proverb that sounds something like “Having lots of children – having lots of income” or “The children is your wealth”. The logic here is very simple: when children grow up and become adult they will be able to work, and according to strong family traditions they will support their parents and relatives financially. So, this is not just a proverb that demonstrates high matter, but pretty vivid and logical material fact.

As we have already find out – most Indonesians are Muslims what allows the men to have up to four wives at once. But this all is not that easy to achieve and it also requires providing separate housing for each family, as well as certain rules of provided for the wives in the house. Therefore, polygamy in Indonesia is still not a very frequent phenomenon.

Unlike a large number of Muslim countries, Indonesian women can officially enjoy equal rights with Indonesian men. Often a woman is the real head of the Indonesian family while the husband is formally “in charge”, but even in this case wife always listens to what husband has said. Indonesians live in huge families which consist of 15 people and more. Such big families with lots of children are common both – for rural areas as well as for big cities which seems a little weird. Elder members of the family like grannies and grandpas usually also live under one roof with their grandchildren.

During the holding of quite large and responsible religious holidays, no matter how high is social status of the person is he always comes to the house of his parents and by kneeling before them in such a way asks for blessing and also thanks them for his upbringing. Indonesians very appreciate the wisdom and experience of old members of their huge family. A fine and remarkable feature of Indonesians is sobriety. Although Western “friends” have tried to instill a love for alcohol a huge number of Indonesians prefer to drink tea or coffee to strong alcohol. Some other ethnic groups in Indonesia, but not Muslims, drink alcohol more often. The only nationality in Indonesia, which since the earliest times is popular by vodka type alcoholic beverage called “enau” is Bataki.

Indonesians are just addicted to the attributes and ceremonies of state power and they adore to take part in official ceremonies, parades and other events.

The usual kind of picture is when the young guys are playing the cards for cash on the street. Quite all kinds of bets such as cockfights, kite flying are quite common. The most beloved by Indonesians way of time spent, especially wealthy ones, is to sit down in the evenings, crossing their arms on the stomach, moving their toes or scratching their heels, very rarely coming off to drink tea or coffee. They sit, fixing their gaze on the sky and admire by the sunset, which is, by the way, very magical in the tropics. There is no twilight here and the colors are magnificent.

The houses in Indonesia are close to each other and differ only in. In villages it is often made of rice straws, sago palms, leaves and in the Indonesian big cities the roofs are mostly tiled. The roof of the house in Indonesia is the measure of the owner’s wealth. By the way, houses in Indonesian villages usually have no windows which are replaced in the camps by cracks. In the dwellings on a permanent basis there is a twilight.

Indonesians rarely arguing and yelling at each other and their native language does not contain offensive and swear words. The most abusive words in Indonesia are: a pig, a monkey, a bug.

Indonesians do not have surnames; exceptions are only the names of all kinds of Batak clans and other nationalities. Together with Muslim names the number of which amounts to a myriad, there are many local names, primarily Javanese. Several specific names can be given to child after he/she was born, and it will depend as a rule only on the position of parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers. But in everyday life mostly abbreviated names are used. If a woman gets married, it is necessary for her to add the name of her husband to her own name and before the name put the official “mother” Appeal. For example, after marrying Kabu, wife is called the “Ibu” of Kabu, which in translation means the mother of Kabu, but in fact she is not his mother, but his wife and that’s why a lot of foreign citizens often get confused.

You may meet Indonesian girl on a dating site and try to find out some more information, especially if you are serious to marry her. What things you should know? If it comes to getting married, what kind of “Indonesian” character things should be expected? What are the pitfalls? Well, firstly, if she is a Muslim, then maybe you have to marry according to Muslim customs. If you are Muslim yourself, this is not a problem. Well, it also matters what kind of family she comes from: modern or not. In general the house is always the order of cleanliness and Indonesian wife would blow dust speck off the husband, but as the husband you should earn enough one for the whole family as in is different than in America where usually both spouses work. Indonesian wives usually do not argue if the husband said it means it should be the way he said. In general, I will say it is cool to have Indonesian wife as it is also strong support behind your back – she will always covered it. Sometimes you can give a little financial help to your mother-in-law, but this is only your initiative and it is not a tradition and is not demanded. The wedding should be in Indonesia according to their traditions. Indonesians adore big celebrations and holidays and take part in them with great pleasure. Of course, the marriage is one of the most important holidays in traditional Indonesian culture. Some say that if woman is from Bandung, Java, it is better to avoid them as there are many scammers. Read also: Indonesia, it’s women, life and family traditions

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