Typical girl from Panama – main features

By most of western standards of beauty typical Panamanian woman is far from the ideal. In other words, it is not very popular to make Panamanian girls a subject of your dreams. Hardly ever Panamanian woman becomes desired for American man, on the contrary to Colombian, Venezuelan or Bolivian women, although there are many exceptions.
Characteristics and values of woman are not only about the beauty and appearance. Yes, slim figure and pretty features of face are preferred by almost every man, but in real it means sometimes not what we are looking for. Features are lying somewhere deep in the types of character and peculiarities of behavior. Features of Panamanian women are in the traditional way of life and type of social behavior that was transferred through generations from mother to daughter and made up unique characters what Panamanian women are nowadays.

As for appearance, we found out there are pretty girls among Panamanian citizens, but it would be unfair to say this country is full of pretties. Men go to Panama not for love, but to find real family.

Yes, family oriented Panamanian women attract western men from all over the world. Western men are so tired of competition everywhere: at work, between colleagues, on the road, in business and after coming back home, instead of rest they have competition with their wives. This is emotionally hard and exhausting and therefore you see the rise of divorces, unhappy families and aggression. As the result we often see lonely women, divorces and children who life in half-families, deprived of mutual parental care.

Some men blame western women for such situation. They say western women became too emancipated and this could be seen in their attitude: they became colder to man, more competitive, more selfish and careless. As for me, both – man and woman are guilty. If men complain, they should not let women becoming more independent some 50-70 years earlier. The real man should not complain and what most of med do now – they complain, but don’t take serious actions.

Still, some men have found the way out of the situation. They have found Panamanian women and eagerly marry them. What is the reason of this?

Typical woman from Panama is known as very family oriented person. She is also good wife, including being great housewife (cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, washing up etc) and caring mother. She takes for granted man is the head of the family and is happy to play her role of housekeeper. At the same time foreign men are happy to be husbands of Panamanian woman.

Western women have to be aware of such tendency, but if there would be no men, they would try to find real man in Panama and there you go – you see the model of real globalization on the example of Panama. Just kidding, but everything is possible.

You can see that such natural features that Panamanian women own are so popular among men. Men got tired of fights and they need home care and relax? Seems like that, by the way and typical Panamanian woman is great candidate to support disoriented western man.

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