Typical Colombian Woman

From time to time many are curious where the secret of the fact that Colombian women are valued worldwide is? It turns out Colombian woman is unique phenomenon to many. Typical Colombian woman is brown-eyed beauty with black eyebrows. According to well known facts, Colombian woman has at least three advantages over the others. Average Colombian woman is 4 inches taller above the average Asian, for example. Colombian women have big breast size and intelligence in addition.

For some more details the average age of Colombian women is 37. The average life expectancy of Colombian women is lower than American or Italian, for example and lower that average in the world. Tough, Colombian woman in average lives 11 years longer than Colombian man. Colombian woman city population is bigger than rural . Increasingly Colombian women are seeking foreign fiances. Every year Colombian women marry 2% more men from USA and has 3% more American fiancés who married to Colombian woman comparing with previous year.

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Average Colombian woman works 70 percent more than man because she also has to do domestic work and take care about children while rising them up. Is it only good stuff about Colombian woman, and what foreign man should be aware when he’s looking for girl in Colombia? What about Colombian woman’s health? About quater of Colombian women suffer from female ailments. Most of families have 1 child because bad economical situation, otherwise Colombian women would like to rise up 3 children or more. Colombian women are religious, most of them believe in God. The most popular Colombian women names nowadays are Lorena, Laura, Maria, Paula, Ana Maria. So, if you are Colombian man or foreigner, who’d like to marry Colombian girl, those might be possible name of future bride.

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