Typical Chinese women characteristics – hottest women in the world?

All surveys show Chinese women are recognized as the hottest women in the world. Maybe there are too many Chinese people who take part in these surveys? No matter how it is those Americans and Europeans who live in China for some reason will not be able to avoid close contact with Chinese girls and they want to know whether it worth to date or (and) marry Chinese girl – and the opinions are different as those topics are pretty different as well. Women are known to be a rattling mixture, but Chinese women are a special mixture. It has long been time to submit to the archives the traditional notions of Europeans and Americans about Asian women, as hammered, subordinate, ready to fulfill all male whims on demand. Although the traditions in Chinese society have a five-thousand-year history in the modern world they have been radically transformed.

At one time, perhaps the women of Asia and were in a position dependent on men, as, indeed, in most other countries, but in the last century everything changed a lot. The years of Maoism were not in vain, any adherence to traditions was declared bourgeois remnants and among the notorious Red Guards most of them were Chinese communist members. In general, little is left of the image of a stereotypic Chinese woman – a fragile creature, wonderfully dressed and barely moving rewound on the feet since childhood. But what remains is superimposed on the current reality and it cause at least our some misunderstanding. For example, sometimes Chinese girls still laugh with their hands over their mouths, this does not mean that they are embarrassed by bad teeth, but simply because it used to be a bad manner for Chinese women widely smiling and showing teeth; now nobody cares about it but the habit, absorbed from mothers and grandmothers sometimes reminds itself. From the same place comes tradition and categorical reluctance of Chinese women to shave intimate places and sometimes even armpits. Allegedly the thickets in these places speak of the ability to procreate. Perhaps it is the echoes of the time when Chinese women were married in the dark, at a very early age and under a thick layer of rice powder it was difficult to determine their age and maturity. And “vegetation” in intimate places gave precise guidance to the groom. Whatever it was, they do not shave until now.

But if the flat butt of the majority of Chinese women and “vegetation” in some body places does not bother you as it is, actually, a matter of taste, then you should keep in mind another mentality of Chinese women. Despite the fact that every fifth woman in the world is a Chinese woman, they are the most popular brides simply because there are more men in China than women. This situation has developed as a result of the policy of birth control. One family was allowed to have one child. Parents often wanted to see the boy as this one child and as a result – Chinese women became a deficit. Any shortage not only grows in value, but inevitably increases the self-esteem of the “deficit” itself. If you carefully observe Chinese families, it is easy to see most often women rule in families. That’s right, without any of this European feminism. Read also: Marriage with Chinese woman – tips for foreigner

In addition to traditions and “scarcity”, the mentality of the current young Chinese women was formed under the influence of the constant growth of well-being in Chinese society, which left a peculiar imprint on consumption issues on them. Naturally, this primarily applies to urban women in China, whom in general we are speaking about and we don’t imply Chinese village here yet as there is still another mentality.

In general, if you decided to make friends with the Chinese woman, to start dating Chinese woman or marry girl from China, you should keep these features in mind and be ready for them. Of course, we give a collective image of Chinese women, but in matters of love and friendship everything is always very individual. Nevertheless, having become acquainted with a Chinese woman today you will almost certainly come across one, several or even all together following “eccentricities”:

– Wearing garish clothes, more likely reminiscent of a nursery – excessive circles, bows, and bright incompatible colors; in a word at the age of 25 or 35 Chinese girls dress like 15-year-olds;

– Carrying bags like Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty when you are not 10 years old;

– Talking with mewing voices, the use of unnecessarily sugary, tortured words, generally infantilism in behavior and reactions;

– Wearing socks – those that are thick, nylon or even cotton, sometimes even with sandals;

– Wearing leggings with skirts and even with dresses;

– Wearing pajamas around the house in the sense of a whole day if they do not leave the house, although some even flaunt in pajamas outside the house;

– Walking under an umbrella in any weather (rain or sun), and asking her partner to also walk under the umbrella with her;

– Insisting that the partner wears her purse for her;

– Wearing sunglasses in the building and transport;

– Unshaven, armpits and bikini zone;

– Non-use of deodorant;

– Concern with “lucky” and “unlucky” numbers and other “signs” and superstitions, unconditional adherence to them and expectation of the same from the partner;

– Calls to the partner hourly, daily;

– Wild jealousy towards other women;

– Concern with white skin, large breasts, “double eyelids” (talk about plastic surgery and make a partner pay for it);

– The refusal to use makeup, motivating it with the fact that “it’s better to be natural”, or the other extreme: too strong makeup during the day, plus shaved eyebrows and instead of them drawn with a pencil on the skin.

To evident pros of Chinese women one could indicate they are non smokers at all and never drink alcohol. Fidelity is in their blood and this is one more great plus of Chinese girls. They will wait for you even for the rest of their lives, even if you chose the most spoiled and “bad” girl out of all Chinese girls. Chinese girls have an orientation toward the family and this is what is great about them. Read also: Tips on dating Chinese women

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