Typical characteristics of Vietnamese women

The first impression about Vietnamese women is confusing as you will not see many pretty women on the streets. If you are walking down the street in Vietnam and can’t find pretty girls don’t be disappointed, because there are pretty girls in this country but sometimes it is hard to identify them and you will learn why. Very many women in Vietnam hide their faces. Firstly, they often wear such wide-brimmed hats that you can not see the eyes of the girl, but only the chins. But this is not enough for them and in many cases Vietnamese women generally curtain a face with a rag or a respirator. At first, it seemed to me this way Vietnamese were fighting street dust like those in China, but no, the air here is clean. Well, what is this? Generally it is not clear, maybe it’s not a woman at all under that curtain.

And it gradually became clear that there are beautiful girls in Vietnam, but it is not easy to see them because any more or less pretty Vietnamese girl hides her face from the sun. Yes, all these masks, rags and respirators are not from dust, but from sun tan. Here it is considered the whiter skin is the prettier the girl is. Probably those girls who realize they are not very pretty go without masks and respirators as they have nothing to lose – just kidding.

Figure of Vietnamese women is rather different as well. Slender and girls with the slim figure are rare. As I understand girls come slender in a very short time probably between 18 to 21 and then the sides are filled with fat and the legs became curvy and not very appetizing looking. However, any cases of obesity are rare in Vietnam. It is completely out of fashion and if you met a fat man or a fat woman in Vietnam you can be sure in most cases this is a newcomer. Many young girls in Vietnam have belly and they don’t really care of it. Here’s another funny thing – while wearing socks or pantyhose, Vietnamese wear slates with fastening between the fingers. By the way, all Vietnamese women are perfect in driving a bike. Unfortunately, beautiful Vietnamese women could be met in places where photography is inappropriate. But I learned that pretty girls with slender legs and nice pretty face exist in Vietnam, although it is a little hard to find them.

If you want to see many pretty Vietnamese girls you should go out on the street in the evening when there is no sun and girls don’t hide their pretty faces under masks and respirators anymore. However, some of them do and it is only because they forget to take them off as they used to wear it.

Vietnamese girls are very nice in communicating. They have a loud laugh and they are very relaxed. Vietnam girls are very emotional and you do not have to puzzle trying to understand what her mood is as everything is already written on her face. It feels like they are all just extroverts. Vietnamese women in general are kind and good-natured. At acquaintance at them the first reaction is necessarily a smile. Read also: Dating girls in Vietnam – tips and peculiarities

What I like about many Vietnamese girls many of them have a soft vanilla fragrance. They are very warm and sweet in communication and even some drawbacks of appearance could be immediately replaced by this natural charm. Verbal information of Vietnamese women is significantly inferior to the nonverbal information. In general, Vietnamese women have something magnetic and this makes you come back to this country more and more.

It is clear why Vietnamese women masterfully ride a bike as they ride it from infancy. Vestibular apparatus of Vietnamese women works perfectly- she put kids on the bike, loaded all kinds of gravity – and rides straight forward.

In Vietnam women retire at the age of 55 and men at the age of 60. But the pension, as a rule, is insignificant – from 650 thousand dong to 13 million dong. On average about a hundred dollars is obtained a month. It is hardly enough to survive as modest food will just cost this amount and you have to pay for utilities and electricity yet. To get a pension in Vietnam you must have at least 20 years of insurance work experience and if the work was in difficult conditions – then 15 years is enough. Very few people in Vietnam know how the pension is calculated. In fact, many different factors are taken into account. But the essence is the same – the Vietnamese will find out about the amount of the monetary allowance only after retiring. And not everyone is entitled to a pension. Only those who worked for the state or in such private companies that transferred pension contributions to the state. But many people work only for themselves and in this case the children take care of the elderly. However, usually old people work until the last opportunity and it’s not so much in need, as in the usual way of life and diligence of Vietnamese. Idleness is not the dream of many, but a vice in Vietnam. Although there are many very poor people in Vietnam, but there are no lazy people – everyone works and this is a national idea here.

At any age women in Vietnam monitor their health and the figure. By the way, the figures of women here, as a rule, are not pretty. Even young girls grow ugly belly. But, if the girl is healthy she will not allow herself a terrible obesity. In general, the physical activity of Vietnamese women is almost nonstop. Starting with the way of movement – Public transport in Vietnam is poorly developed and that’s why mainly foreigners use it. Local prefer bikes or motorcycles.

Official religion in Vietnam is a universal religion Kaodai. Despite poverty, Vietnamese women are still satisfied with their fate and life. Why? The most important thing is because there is no war. They already know what the horrors of war are. What is the difference between the Vietnamese women and the European women? First of all Vietnamese women have a provocative laugh. Paradoxically, they live in a materially worse state, but they are very satisfied with their life, probably thanks to Kaodai. However, it needs to be clarified that Kaodai is a state religion, but most Vietnamese women and men remain pagans.

By the way, it is very easy to start conversation with many nice girls in Vietnam as they often are eager to chat with foreigner.

Women of Vietnam live by the principle of women of the East. Most difficult physical work often falls on their shoulders. But their endurance seems to have no limit. At growth below one and a half meters they easily perch themselves up to 100 kilograms. Typical picture on Vientam where 150 centimeters tall and 40 kg of weight woman at the age of 40 carries huge pelvis with more than a dozen impressive lobsters and hundreds of tiger shrimps. In addition, blocks of ice, vegetables, plates, forks, spices, dozens of pieces of unidentified jewelry and a small bowler with coals and a grill on which she could instantly make barbecue from coveted seafood lay in her cargo. And it’s not that she lived alone or there is no one to help her as usually at a distance of several meters appears her husband who is always in charge of bringing matches and sometimes kindling coals. This is such a psychological mystery of Vietnam. A similar picture you can observe in the households of Vietnamese villages where utensils, orders, customers, children, kitchen, laundry, etc. lies on the tender shoulders of small women, while small men smoke nonstop, drink Saigon beer, sing karaoke and torpedo the space by millions of scooters.

Young Vietnamese girls on the so-called silk factories are piercingly peering at needles, seams, threads and drawing for hours so that the silk trellis and paintings were sold by their employers for not Vietnamese money. And it’s not that they wear glasses or use some optics or receive an extra charge for harmfulness. The overstrained eye barely survives a three-year cycle of such violence and flies to thousands of rays in their pictures. All that is left for these women in the future is to be accommodated in brothels or massage parlors, served by the blind.

If the life of Vietnamese women fits into the category of one hopeless, but not at all passive “yin,” life with Vietnamese women fits perfectly into the principle of three things – no obligations, no promises, no deception.

Even if Vietnamese women are trying to say something in English, you do not to try to understand the meaning of what was said. There is no chance. But if you distract yourself, a gentle voice, seasoned with a shy smile touches all the epithets of the soul and will convey the mood of the eternal sea.

One can only wonder what kind of graceful forms nature invented when it wanted to share the beauty of Vietnamese women with us. When Vietnamese woman or girl rides a scooter it seems that it’s a bird flying – with the most straight back in the world and the longest tar-black hair waving from under her helmet.

If we have touched on the issue of generations, we should pay attention to the fact that the age for Vietnamese in general and for Vietnamese women in particular is a thing-in-itself that does not yield to any gerontological definition. Sometimes you see a girl of 10 or 12 and in reality she is 23! That is very common for Vietnam and if not ID it would be hard to identify the real age.

It is hard to describe all the beauty of Vietnamese woman with one article as, probably, you have to see it yourself. It is also hard because as we said earlier they like to hide their faces from sun and this is because of social strata – the whiter the face is, the more higher social status gets citizen in the imagination of other people – at least this is what many Vietnamese women think. Here the nature of status comes to the forefront. Not necessarily an aristocrat, but in any case, not a representative of the poorer layers of an increasingly stratified society. It is for this reason, in order to win public respect and class respect Vietnamese women wrap themselves up to the eye slits in sweaters and gloves. Paradoxically, even in this dress they continue to bear their hard labor obligations, to work hard to make a couple of light shades closer to the ideal of idlers. Read also: Traditional wedding in Vietnam

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