Typical Cambodian family

The country of Cambodia used to be called the pearl of Asia and, of course, this pearl is created not only by gorgeous beauty of the nature but by its people as well and today we will get to know more about traditional lifestyle of the Cambodian inhabitants and their families.

Cambodian family is thought to have many children although many families live quite poor; it is probably due to the sad seventies when third part of the country’s population was killed by bloody dictator regime. However, the real wonder is that nowadays you see the smiles on the faces of most of Cambodian people. People who create typical Cambodian family are full of optimism and want to live happy life – you can just read this on their sincere faces.

Cambodian family consists not only of the closest people like father, mother and children, but also from other relatives as they know what is to lose the closest people and that is why they stand for traditional ground family values. There is specific cult of the family in Cambodia where Buddhist traditions and family values transform into very close relations between the members of the family where everyone stands for each other and where everyone helps in need and if there is no need. Read also: Cambodian women prefer to marry Thai man

Every family starts with marriage and the wedding ceremony in Cambodia has its own peculiarities. Bride dresses up at night until it is cool enough and in the morning the groom with relatives and friends come to the house of future wife. Wedding ceremony in Cambodia is taken very seriously therefore it needs some ground preparations. Traditional dances take part in every wedding ritual and must say they are very gracious and… professional.

After the wedding Cambodian family life starts in the newborn family. Buddhism predominates in the family life as everywhere, so even if it is common that husband is considered to be the head of the family, he never tells his wife what to do and women has the same rights in the family as man has. Family life in Cambodia is very peaceful and there is no quarrels and argues among wife and husband – I mean they are as rare as rain in the desert. Respect, patience and cautiousness treatment of the husband are guaranteed to any Cambodian wife and this is also thanks to Buddhism.

Traditional meal in Cambodian family could be very different as they eat many creatures and… lots of rice – this is due to severe starvation in the past decades. Common food are fried bananas as you can see them on the tables of the most Cambodian families unlike meat which is expensive and not affordable for everyone here. But protein is highly available along with other useful components in fish which local men catch a lot in the nearby rivers.

Members of Cambodian family are very hospitable and generous, but to see that you better visit some Cambodian rural areas as urbanized cities have many newly globalized rules as everywhere in the world. Read also: What are typical Cambodian women like

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