Typical Belarusian woman

Do appearance of Belarusians has distinguishing features?

It can not somehow be said that Belarusians are something significantly different from the East Slavic peoples like Ukrainian or Russian or even from the peoples of Central Europe. When this question is asked, it is usually refers to racial characteristics like eye color, hair, facial structure, the shape of the nose, lips and so on. Belarusians are CET type Caucasians.

That is, the population of this region is dominated by mixed shades of hair and eyes. For example, dark brown, light and dark brown hair, gray or green eyes. But among Belarusians who inhabit Vitebsk region, which is located closer to the distribution area of the North-Caucasian type, more common is light pigmentation population. That is, fair-haired, blue-eyed, tall. Among the residents of Belarusian Polesie more common are darker eyes and darker hair. But this does not mean that if we meet the indigenous blonde in Polesie, she is no longer Belarusian.

What is to be Belarusian? Belarusian is this ethnic group. Nationality is determined by the elements of culture. The main features of nationality are self identity and language. Belarus is not only anthropology, implying hair and eyes color. It is also a collection of data sets. But the most important place is occupied by social factors, elements of the spiritual and material culture.

If you are interested what is the appearance of typical woman from Belarus, you won’t get strict answer. In general, Belarusian women are quite tall, have blond or light colored hair and grey or blue eyes. Usualy with slim figures and long legs. Belarus women characteristics are general, because there are many different women in Belarus and to describe them more precize you have to look up for Slavic women of Central and Eastern Slavs.

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According to character, Belarusian women are different as well. Comparing to Russian women, for example, they are much less demanding, more European and kind. It also depends what region of Belarus the girl is from as characteristics might be changed from Baltic and German features till North Ukrainian and, of course, different mixtures of genes of peoples, who lived on the territory of today’s Belarus. As wife, belarusian woman is caring mother, takes care of the husband, loves husband, she is smart, pretty and passionate lover, and the only thing she demands in return is love, romantic care and understanding.

There is no strict measures and features that would precisely describe typical Belarusian woman. General features common for all eastern Slavs we gave you above. If you would stand in front of Belarusian, Serbian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Czech woman, most likely you will not guess where exactly is Belarusian girl, so question about typical woman from Belarus is not correct itself. If you asked that in a group of Belarusian students, the girls might even argue, as every would say, “I am typical Belarusian lady!” And one of the girls would have red hair, three of them brown, three other girls would be blonds and the other will be brunettes and dark blonds. I think, you have already understood what I meant by giving such an example.

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