Typical Armenian girl characteristics

Many used to the fact typical Armenian girl has dark hair, brown eyes and slim figure. Although, I found some information in one Armenian forum that so called “pure” Armenian women used to have blue eyes and were rather tall. It is hard to say whether it is true or not, but if such fact has been mentioned by Armenian it has the right to exist; moreover if we are trying to be objective and describe women of this beautiful nation as precise as possible, not being focused on stereotypes or, what is even worse – biased. Typical Armenian appearance you might notice on various pictures and there is not much need to describe every feature. As it is better to see once than to hear or read even 10 times. Much more interesting for many readers would be how Armenian women behave, what character they have and what to expect if one day such girl agrees to date with you or, maybe, becomes your wife. Characterizing women of particular nationality is hard to follow the stream as there is always mash up with national characteristics in general, so here I’m going to describe Armenian men as well.

Armenians are famous in the world for their active temperament. These are people who clearly express their emotions, and always go to meet other people’s needs. Not all Armenians have typical sanguine or choleric temperament. Broking stereotypes I will say there are many phlegmatic and even melancholic personalities among them. Mature Armenian citizens are wise and calm people, able to give advice and willing to teach youth. Of course, rather men are eager to tell stories how one should live.

Armenian women are deeply devoted to the family. Many appreciate folk traditions, and always respect the family roots. As for character, there are many stubborn people among Armenians, because here in Armenia it is accepted to be true to his opinion, especially among men. In conversations men tend to be rather rude, talking in raised voices and emphasizing his speech with vivid facial expressions and gestures. Impulsivity and unpredictability is typical for Armenian man, especially in the manifestation of his emotions. Active and emotional by nature, Armenians tend to remain calm and rarely provoke scandals, unless someone hurts their feelings or dignity of close friends or compatriots.

Because of their age, young Armenians often show their natural active temperament with perfectionism and passion. They are rarely picky about their own relationships and unrestrained in the manifestation of emotions, but almost always tend to self-realization and self-development. Armenian boys and girls easily get interested in something particular and because of that it is very easy for them to become members of a certain subculture. That is why young people in Armenia spread passion for sports, art and contemporary subcultures. With regard to the intellectual development of the nation, it is at the proper level.

Surprising to American could be only aim that encourages young Armenian people to receive higher education diploma. The reasons are not be worse than the others, worry about their own reputation and to please parents and other older relatives with their success. However, studies in higher education institutions under the force of many Armenian boys and girls. But if intellectual development attracts only the most ambitious of the Armenians, the development of creative abilities is necessary to practically every Armenian. Educational art, music, singing, choreography, writing poetry and prose are peculiar to their talents to the fullest. Armenian girl is a sensual and open, especially at dawn of her life in her youth. Sentimentality is wonderfully combined with activity, emotional, impulsive, and some scandalous features of Armenian nation.

In everyday life Armenian girls could be called impractical. They did not save money in case of emergency need and spend a lot to meet their needs. This feature helps to ensure that Armenians love their work; they do not tend to have the finances and work for their own pleasure. Most of the Armenians are people who love their work and self-realization with it. In her youth, Armenian girls and guys are often subjected to be workaholics. Hooked on professional matters, they forget about family, personal, social and cultural life, fully devoting themselves to work. Young employees are much more valued at work market professionals than mature people having the experience. And that’s not strange, because the Armenian youth has always gushes ideas seeking innovative approaches and fights for its ideas. At the same time there is no difference, either people are engaged in engineering or trading; young Armenian always and everywhere is motivated aspire to the top. But next to the creativity and industriousness, Armenians are known for inconstancy of their tastes and preferences. They often change their occupation, seeking out new and emerging areas.

Armenian women are known by their conservatism. They are wise savers of hearth. From her youth, girls are taught feminine wiles possession of her husband and family guidance; although officially in the Armenian families husband is considered the head. Armenian men traditionally give support and protection to the family. Armenian woman is the mistress of the kitchen and faithful companion for life. Armenian women are able to tolerate and forgive, and with Armenian men they have to do it very often! And if the main characteristic of Armenian men is the power of the spirit and emotions, Armenian women are famous for thrift, cleanliness and patience. They cherish not only the family home, but also support the cultural and spiritual life of the nation, being the backbone of the religious field.

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