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I am not really sure is it possible somehow to describe typical Argentine woman as it is very hard to generalize. Almost 95 percent of Argentines are the descendants of immigrants from around the world and to find general features among Argentine women is not an easy task as you see. They are benevolent, sometimes closed-all, could be elegant and untidy, calm and hysterical, polite and quarrelsome and these all are characteristics that refer to Argentines. Anyways, today we will try to describe the most popular types of girls and women from Argentina so you have some orientation in the world of Argentine beauty.

Over a hundred years from 1850 to 1950, more than 6 million people moved to Argentina from Europe to permanent residence. The main wave of immigration to Argentina consisted of Spaniards and Italians. In addition, here you can find German, Lebanese, Jewish, Armenian, Japanese and Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian, Scandinavian blood. The enumeration can be continued for a long time. But the most interesting thing is that women living in this Latin American country are big patriots of Argentina. Of course, they respect the culture and traditions of their ancestors, but regardless of their origin they consider themselves Argentine, know their country’s history, sing the national anthem at festivals with pleasure and furiously support local football clubs along with their families and friends.

The vast majority of Argentine women drink mate – a traditional drink of local Indians. Mate is a toning tea from the crushed leaves of the Yerba tree, which is brewed in a special vessel, most often made from a pumpkin, and is drunk through a special tube with a strainer (bombilla). Mate contains up to 1.8% caffeine, essential oil, vitamins A, B, C, citric acid and other useful substances. Drinking mate Argentines begin at the earliest age: since it is common to share this drink passing mate in a circle, children adopt the habit of drinking mate from parents and then do not part with it until the end of life. To someone mate helps to assemble, somebody wants to relax, in any case, the habit of drinking healthy tea is much better than the habit of smoking or the abuse of carbonated drinks, of which many Argentines, unfortunately, are also dependent. Mate makes Argentina women more beautiful.

Care for their own health and body, and in particular, the diet is an ambiguous issue for Argentine women. On the one hand, most of the middle and wealthy class are happy to go to the gym, yoga, pilates, run and ride a bicycle, in short, try to keep themselves in shape. On the other hand, the theme of eating, buying food, cooking and absorbing it is one of the most important topics for every Argentine. In addition, dinner is taken after eight in the evening according to Argentine tradition, and the main dish is likely to be meat, more rare pasta or pizza. For breakfast, the Argentine woman will eat toast or croissants (medlununas) with coffee. At lunch she could have several pies (empanadas) with meat or chicken and chase them with Coca-Cola. In the evening Argentine woman would go again to the gym to fight the extra pounds possibly gained during the day.

It is very simple to determine who is sleeping in the stroller a newborn boy or girl because the ears of Argentine baby girls in the first days of life are pierced even in the hospital. This is old tradition, which came from Spain and became firmly established in Argentina. Therefore, earrings are an integral part of the decorations of most Argentines girls. Girls in Argentina tend to grow in large families thanks to Italian traditions it is customary to have many children in Argentina regardless of family income.

Experiments with decorative cosmetics start here early as local brands have special products for teenagers. But by the end of the school, young Argentines almost cease to use make up in the afternoon. They dress up in the evening, before going out to a disco or a bar, where they usually get to know the opposite sex. By the way, about the opposite sex: despite the serious religions restrictions (For a long time divorces have been banned in Argentina and abortions have been banned so far), this country is the first country on the continent to register same-sex marriages, and same-sex families are allowed to adopt children. So the Argentine children are taught from the school that the family can consist not only of father and mother, but also of father and father and mother and mother. Among the stars of show business there are more and more transvestites and transsexuals. It is hard to say how Argentine men treat them and Argentine women are happy to discuss their bright style and unusual wardrobe.

The influence of television on the style and lifestyle of Argentine women is commented on by the make-up artist and the leading teacher of the Mabby professional make-up school, Marcela Torres: “I have to work with a lot of women: among our customers are TV stars, models, actresses. They dictate fashion in Argentina. Then all the usual women want a hair style in the style of Suzanne (the famous Argentine actress), makeup like Araceli Gonzalez (actress), nose, lips, breasts like Emilia Attias (singer and model) or dress like Natalia Oreiro (soap opera star and singer). Young people want to be like Bionce, Jay Lo or Katty Perry. ” Indeed, the Argentines women are happy to watch reality shows, view photos in magazines, and then discuss them when they meet friends and also in beauty salons with hairdressers. And with no less pleasure copy the style they liked. Marcela Torres explains this as a global trend where many women are not happy with their appearance and want to look like stars, who most often, without regretting themselves, perfect their bodies and faces with the help of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons in Argentina note that in recent years, the age of their patients has drastically decreased. Parents lead on a consultation 15-16 year old girls to give them a plastic surgery, most often for breast augmentation. According to research, out of the 300,000 transactions that were conducted in Argentine clinics in 2010, 60,000 corrected the flaws of the breast.

The first book – an album with professional photos many Argentine girls receive as a gift for the celebration of their fifteenth birthday. Then these photos scatter over social networks. Some lucky girl could be invited to the modeling agency. Along with the wedding, the celebration of the fifteenth birthday in Argentina occupies an important place in the life of the girls. They prepare for it ahead of time: parents rent a restaurant or salon for numerous guests, hire a catering service, order a cake, buy or sew a designer dress with a festive dress, hire a make-up artist and hairdresser for the birthday girl. In the photo studio, the girls are replaced by five or six outfits, experimenting with makeup and hairstyles. In the Argentine schools of make-up, there is a separate theme “Quince” (fifteen), under the same name comes the monthly magazine.

You could almost not see young, well-groomed Argentine women: they start taking care of their skin and hair after thirty years. Until that age, Argentines do not think about skin care products, they go to the salon only to trim the tips of long hair, manicure is done on their own (most often just somehow coloring their nails). There is only one procedure, from which the Argentines – young and not very – will never give up. Depilation of legs, arms, armpits and bikini zones is a mandatory monthly ritual, the life without which for the Argentine woman will seem inferior. Also Argentines will never understand how one can live without a bidet. Even in a small bathroom in the smallest apartment you will find a bidet. Unshaven armpits of some Europeans and «unfinished» bathrooms in most countries of the world are a permanent occasion for ridicule in Argentina. In turn, European girls are puzzled why “shi varnish” has only recently appeared in Argentina or why it is so difficult to find a good master for nail extensions in Buenos Aires. New technologies come to Argentina with a delay. Owners of salons do not rush to pamper their customers with new products, because the basic procedures will always be a conventional trimmed manicure and pedicure (in a rare salon you will find a machine for mechanical processing of nails), haircut-styling. Recently, a new service has appeared in all salons – a keratin mask for hair. The spa offers a standard set of facial and body treatments: cleansing (hand and abrasive), masks, massages, lymph drainage and electrodes. Interestingly, with a large number of immigrants from Asia (mainly from China) in Argentina, it is difficult to meet a massage parlor, where they offer Thai or any other Asian type of massage. But almost all masseurs own the technique of reiki, and often complete the 15-minute session with the basic procedure.

Foreigners consider Argentine women attractive, but tasteless. The reason for this bad taste is difficult to understand in the era of globalization when you can follow any trends regardless of the geographical location of the country. But Argentine women, as if conspiring, all follow one fashion. For example, here they do not wear short haircuts. Masters in salons with sparkling eyes will begin to experiment with short hair, and more often it will lead to a deplorable result. Why? They just do not know how to work with short hair. Argentine women believe that long hair is the proof of sexually and feminine and men support them. If the coloring of the tips of the hair in light color became a trend all Argentine women will have such a hairdress because it is fashionable. In the trend is, for example, shoes on the platform with leopard print  another model will be difficult to find in either nearby or in any other store, because all the designers also adhere to one trend. And Argentines do not complain, because they are used to and do not require variety. But it is hard for foreigners, especially European or American women to accept the lack of a large assortment. The limited choice is also due to the latest trends in the Argentine economy as in early 2012, the government passed a law restricting the import of most goods into the country. Many foreign brands had to close their business in Argentina, transferring Argentines to the disposal of local designers. Of the major foreign brands, only those who can produce their goods in Argentina or in the neighboring countries entering the common customs zone remained. But, it seems, the Argentines are not much upset. They buy clothes from local designers, read Argentinean magazines and do not look “on the side.” And those who do not have enough foreign goods and, most importantly, can afford them, arrange shopping for themselves when traveling to Europe or the United States.

Argentine women prefer simply clothes like jeans, leggings, T-shirts and blouses, flip flops and ballet flats. At normal times Argentine girls look more than natural and simple without embellishment. Perhaps, that’s why many foreigners consider Argentines to be beautiful and sexy. Their high point comes on the evening of Friday or on the weekend, when together with their friends they are going to the disco. Then all the means are in the course: shoes with heels, black eyeliner and bright lipstick, plentiful costume jewelry and short skirts. No one goes out alone, the beauties gather at one of their friends at 11 o’clock in the evening and get to the club about 2 or 3 o’clock at night. There they are waiting for young people: they are always ready for the whole arsenal of compliments and greasiness, which they do not hesitate to share with the girls. And what is most interesting, a beautiful Argentine girl, who had spent not one hour preparing to collect all the admiring gazes on the dance floor, is not so easy to conquer! Argentine girls from school are accustomed to the fact that boys talk a lot, and do not lead to beautiful words and empty promises. Therefore, to create a serious relationship with an Argentine girl, local young people have to make a lot of efforts: to drink many coffee on dates and watch more than one dozen films in the cinema :-).

No doubt, true beauties can be called Argentine women at the age. Those are women over fifty who can be found in beauty salons, which in Argentina can be found several in each quarter. Accustomed to take care of themselves in their youth, older Argentine women do not leave this habit until almost death. Often in the salons in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, you can observe the señor at the age of 80-90 years old, who hardly moves alone, has a bad sight and often do not hear at all, but every week they come to an acquaintance to the master whom they know for more than a decade to discuss the latest news, wash and style the hair and make up nails. These women are elegantly dressed in neat high-quality clothes and shoes, they can be accompanied by a small dog, which in winter will be worn in no less elegant pontoon, the purse will be matched to the tone of the shoes, the eyes are emphasized with dark and the lips are tinted with bright lipstick. The habit of being beautiful and well-groomed has been preserved by these venerable women from those times when the city lived a completely different, measured, rich life: when dresses for women were sewn by order according to European patterns of fashion, when in all dance salons tango was danced and it was possible to walk around the city without fear of being robbed. These ladies look great at any time of the day. Their style and ability to keep themselves can be envied. But, unfortunately, the culture of refined noble beauty in Argentina is gradually disappearing. Time dictates its rules, and in place of verified elegance comes the casual style, to which modern Argentine women give their preference.

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