Try to make Ecuadorian woman happy

Why Ecuadorians don’t like to change their lifestyle and keep to the traditions? Because they were born in Ecuadorian family and raised in Ecuadorian culture, where peculiarities of home, religion and traditions are quite strong. Life in Ecuador is not easy and to earn money for the sake of the family people have to work a lot and they don’t really have time to improve themselves in western understanding and that is why maybe they are not that erudite and overwhelming about the world. Americans have possibilities to travel and to learn about the world, including different exchange programs and Ecuadorians are pretty closed in their own society.
Region of origin plays great role in Ecuador. In big cities people are more open, know more about the world and often communicate with representatives of foreign cultures. That is why many Americans are looking for Ecuadorian girlfriend or wife exactly in big cities of Ecuador. Read also: How American guys dating Ecuadorian girls?

The reasons mentioned above do not mean that Ecuadorians do not like to be modern or they are very religious. It is just because they don’t have choice, they have to work, mostly all the day long. To feel the atmosphere of Ecuador, to see how people live here, to find out what makes Ecuadorian people happy and what they are fighting with every single day you have to visit Ecuador and see it with your own eyes.

You may become the opener for Ecuadorian woman; the man who will show her real life – full of interesting moments, the life where she will improve herself and her skills, the life where she could feel all the variety of colors and odors and where she could breathe with full lungs. For this she would be not only thankful for you, she would try to make every moment of your life easier, nicer, showing her love and compassion to you.

Helping people to open new horizons is a noble aim and if you will get something (someone) useful for you from this help it is not bad. Even if you were acting because of your selfish motives, but as the result you made someone happier and made this gloomy world at least a little happier, you deserve compliment.

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