Traditional wedding in Vietnam

Although there are many different religions in Vietnam, there are common features for the wedding ceremony. The holiday can last from two days to a week. The number of guests on average Vietnamese wedding is about 500-600 people. There weddings in Vietnam where more than 800 guests are present. The most modest wedding in Vietnam is about 200 guests. On the first day, the wedding begins with a solemn procession of the groom and his relatives to the bride’s house. On the way people have fun, sing songs and even have time to dance. Relatives of the groom bring presents to the bride’s family, often small one like tea and seasonings. It is important to have at least eight such gifts. Of course, expensive gifts like gold and jewelry are welcomed as well.

Vietnamese are very serious about marriage. If in many countries civil marriage is popular where for a month or two couple lives together before actual marriage and if something doesn’t suite they break up, in Vietnam the husband and wife plan to live their whole lives together. To do this, they carefully look at each other, usually for 5-6 years. Only after that it becomes clear that they fit together. By Vietnamese law is allowed to get married at the age of 18. Guys usually get married at the age of 20 and later.

So, the procession enters the bride’s house, where parents bless the young couple. Here begins the feast, during which the groom and the bride bypass all guests and receive gifts. Here are strict rules: you can give only money in envelopes or jewelry as the present. The amount of money could be any, but not less than 500 000 dong. During the feast the main entertainment is to sing karaoke and the feast lasts for only about 3 hours. It happens that after that the guests go to work. Alcohol at weddings is present, but Vietnamese do not get drunk till they lost control. A modest wedding in Vietnam lasts for two days: one for the bride’s parents and the other for the groom’s parents. Read also: Typical characteristics of Vietnamese women

The bride must have several dresses and every day she puts on new clothes. Among these different dresses must necessarily be the traditional Vietnamese red wedding dress. It turns out that poor people can not get married in Vietnam and definitely need to earn to get married in Vietnam.

There are no issues about the house or apartment where newlyweds are going to live together. It turns out that Vietnamese do not need to worry about that at all, as the husband takes his wife to his place and the thing is done. If the house is small, then the husband builds one more floor.

Divorce in Vietnam is allowed, however, it is considered almost a tragedy in this country. Nevertheless, for every thousand marriages only to 7-8 divorces are obtained. By the way, Vietnam is traditionally considered the happiest country in the world. Perhaps it is because of carefully thought out marriages. Now the Vietnamese family is allowed to have no more than two children and almost everyone dreams about 4-5 kids. The prohibition is connected with overpopulation as over 93 million people are placed somehow on a tiny territory.

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