Traditional Bulgarian wedding and Bulgarian family values

As for family rest, they prefer to relax on the Black Sea, and on weekends go to the nature or spend time at homespending time on watching TV. Bulgarian families almost not travel abroad for vacations, because not everyone can afford it financially, and if they can, then consider that the funds can be spent more efficiently than visiting expensive foreign hotels and beaches.

Weddings in Bulgaria are considered one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to bright national customs. Usually the wedding begins with the suit, which is held secretly at night, so no one knew.

If the bride gives a positive response, then the next day loud and noisy engagement with songs and music is celebrated; both parties give each other gifts; then time and place of the wedding is decided. On this day, bread is baked in the homes of bride and groom, and then for both families make flags of different colors and decorate them with ribbons and flowers.

On Saturday, Bulgarian women and men are going for stag and Sunday morning groom goes to take the bride. Major events of Bulgarian wedding is somewhat similar to ordinary Slavic, but with many traditional rituals and customs.

Bulgarians have principle by which they choose themselves friends only of the same social group. To have friends from other social groups they do not relate relate is unacceptable because differences of interests, behavior and habits.

For this reason, the Bulgarians do not have many friends and more time they try to spend with their family. Although nowadays this tradition is not kept as much as before. However, family relations in Bulgarian families are very strong and family mambers overcome the difficulties together by family team.

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As we mentioned earlier on our website, the Bulgarian family usually has just one child. After all, parents have to rise up child and give him a ticket into an independent life. Even to rise up one child in Bulgaria family has to spend large sums of money to give him a full and good education.

Education in Bulgaria is very important. Everyone is taught here regardless of age. After three years of a child attending kindergarten, at the age of 6 it turns into a primary school. Then child attends middle school and high school, after which the young Bulgarian is getting ready for basic knowledge to engage in more specialized institutions.

Bulgaria Universities have nothing to complain as annually for every seat to study there are more than ten people even for expensive costly studying. Failures in exams and bad grades are perceived very painful both by the student and family. Sometimes it also happens that parents and children in Bulgaria attend the same school and it’s completely normal. From the early childhood little kids are instilled a love of learning and the acquisition of knowledge and the parents give their children a great example.

Bulgaria has a highly developed network of different schools ranging from kindergartens, preschools, elementary and secondary schools and various institutions of higher order that every Bulgarian had higher and complete University education.

If we look at Bulgarian family in terms of men and women relationships, it is nothing special about the family relationships is observed. There are families in which there is the spirit of Islam, when a woman extols her husband, trying to please him in all things, and husband enjoys it and wife is doing all household work, even though she also goes also to work.

There is a category of families with more inherent equality in the family, when spouses allocate responsibilities to each other, helping each other, equally educating their children. As for children, spouses are trying cultivate the same traditions that have survived in the family for a long time, but adjusted for a society that does not actually stand still.

Child in Bulgaria does not have too many restrictions, but a lot of freedom as well. Children are brought up so that they were not limited in their rights, but parents always try to be aware of all of its affairs and be sure to monitor his progress in school.

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