Top six reasons why pretty Belarusian girls marry old foreign guys

Belarusian girls are famous all over the world for their beauty and sensuality. I have a lot of friends which communicate with Belarusian girls. They are really fascinated by them. Guys love their tenderness, sincerity, romantic spirit, sexy bodies, nice characters and many other things.

The majority of Belarusian girls have difficult circumstances in life, so they decide to change that conditions of living. Some of them, not everybody but some, prefer to find a foreign man for marriage. There are several reasons why Belarusian girls marry old foreign guys.

The first reason is the poverty of Belarusian women. During the last years it is not easy to find a good job in Belarus. So many girls think that old foreign men can solve their financial problems by getting marriage with old foreign guys.

The second reason is the girls are disappointed in Belarusian men. To be honest, Belarusian guys during last years are not doing their best taking into consideration different various sides of their life. (You can read more about it here) Economical crisis which happened in last years made life in Belarus rather problematic. It is understandable that young girls don’t want to share problems with their local Belarusian men, so they prefer to find a foreign man for marriage, even if this man is rather old.

The third reason is many Belarusian girls have been grown up in families without a father. So now they want to get married old foreign men because these girls want subconsciously to feel father’s protection.

The fourth reason why Belarusian girls marry old foreign guys is because an old man can appreciate women’s dignity much more strongly than the young men. So, Belarusian girls want to reach this type of relationships.

The fifth reason. Many Belarusian girls are rather romantic persons. They truly believe that men who live far away aboard are like magic heroes or princes. They believe they are much better than men who live in their native country.

The sixth reason why Belarusian girls marry old foreign guys: foreign old  men love Belarusian girls for their incredible sensuality and beauty, and these women feel such kind of relationships very clearly. Woman always feels when a man really fascinated by her. The old foreign guy knows much better how to make a woman satisfied, much better than a young man. It happens because of life experience, of course.

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