Tips you must know when dating Brazilian girl

Most of men are living according to their own stereotypes about the world in general and about the women in particular, all those stereotypes make life more complicated and interfere to live happy and relaxed life. Big part of it is true when it is going about dating Brazilian woman. Men are unsure how to behave, what to do and what is better to omit and so on. This all makes the dating atmosphere tensed – read: unpleasant, and such date is stressful for both – man and woman. How to omit stress and have a great date with Brazilian girl?

The main and the most important advice is to be yourself. Remember the simple truth that not every girl is suitable for you and if you feel something is going not quite right it is better not to hit the wall with your head, but to try looking for another girl for dating in Brazil.

There are some rules that you should keep to when dating Brazilian girls as they are more oriented at traditional way of dating. Some part of these “rules” is more strict and some is up to you. So, “strict” one is your appearance. Your clothes has to be neat and clean, casual style is alright. Brazilian girls are dressed up good any time of the day, even when they go shopping, and when it is going about the date she would appear in her best attire and you have to match her style in some sense.

It is not necessary to go to the expensive restaurant and have there a dinner for few hundred bucks. That won’t make much impression on the girl and at the same time it would be considered ok, as you are foreigner and you wish to impress the girl maybe… with your money. This does not work in Brazil and girls here care about men’s attitude to them rather than man’s wallet. Your date could be in the coast café with nice view and the main thing is you both to have fun – the rest doesn’t really matter. Brazilian women are overwhelmed that many foreign men expect them to be interested in money and those who have strict approach, showing their money have bad reputation among Brazilian girls.

It is great when both of you will have fun during the date. If you have great sense of humor – go ahead and use it. Girls like fun guys who are able to make jokes by default. The date should flow at ease.

If you want dating Brazilian girl you should win he attention and overcome some difficulties. Many foreigners who have visited Brazil in the past as tourists has made negative image of Westerner in Brazil. That is why many Brazilian girls do not take Americans seriously when it is going about dating. Men’s consumer attitude where everything could be bought for money played its role. Now you will have to spend more time and dates to prove Brazilian girl your intentions are serious. Because of this you better not to cross the line on the first date as your try to kiss may result in break up and even scandal. But not everything is so serious. For example, if you are partying with other people and see there are many foreigners among Brazilians and they all having great time in fun atmosphere, you can judge on the situation and choose how to act.

If you find attractive girl and want to ask her for a date, try to communicate with her. You will judge on her reaction whether she is ready to continue with a date or she just does not care about you. Brazilian girls do not hide their real feelings and if the girl didn’t like you – you will understand it immediately. In this case, don’t be disappointed and move forward to your aim – get acquainted with other Brazilian girls.

One more important preparation before you start to search Brazilian girls for dating and actually asking them to have a date with you is your appearance and body shape. Most of Brazilian men go to the gym and (or) do training outside the street and this is very common for Brazil so you will have to compete amazinly good looking Brazilian men and look at least not worse in the eyes of Brazilian lady. Take that into consideration and better visit gym for a couple of month before visiting Brazil. In this case except for good body shape and being physically fit you will have advantage of mysterious foreigner which could potentially interest some curious Brazilian girl to date with you. But remember about negative attitude towards foreigners who came to Brazil in search of “fun”, as this is what Americans are often associated with and sometimes it is very hard to break this stereotype. Read also: First date with Brazilian girl – tips to know

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