Tips on dating Chinese women

If to talk about China in terms of girls, dating and marriage everything is not that simple as it might look like at first. The reason of that is than Chinese parents do not want bare girls and if they see girl during ultrasound diagnostic they make an abortion. Actually, ultrasound is forbidden in China and doctor who makes ultrasound to find out unborn baby is male or female can get his license cancelled, but still they do this. The reasons why Chinese do not want girl is simple – the girl could not help father in his business, the girl will leave the family when she grows up and still the family has to spend a lot of money to raise the girl. Because of such attitude to girls about 200 million of Chinese men can’t find wife. Now you see, if Chinese girl is beautiful she will grow up rather picky and will look carefully choosing future husband.

Take into consideration in China girls start their sexual life at the age of 22-23 and this is real. After finishing school Chinese girls at the age of 18 all the daylong share their pictures in Chinese social networks and watch… anime cartoons. Really.

Interesting thing about beauty in China – not pretty girls usually go to the universities and other educational establishments because that is how they are going to earn their money with knowledge they get and pretty girl prefer not to study because they don’t need it. Model look Chinese girls are going to the clubs and have active way of life. Most guys in China have to choose between not pretty but smart and reliable wife or spend a lot of money for pretty girl. By the way, those Chinese pretties in local bars and clubs often use foreign men for money so big part of them is gold diggers. Of course, “good girls” in China also visit bars and clubs, but they do it with their company and usually they are not eager to get acquainted. But what is more interesting they don’t really know where to spend this money and all what they do is shopping and drinking in the clubs staring at the monitor of the smartphone. Smartphone in China is a big theme as here they seem to be staring at it almost all the time. Read also: Marriage with Chinese woman – tips for foreigner

If you asked Chinese girl for a date and 9 minutes out of ten she is staring at her smartphone don’t be confused or upset, as she feels really comfy with you. This is more about modern Chinese culture where in the company which came to the birthday party almost everyone seems to be busy with the phone and no one is offended, even the one who has a birthday.

If you want to impress Chinese girl on the date or even more… if you want to please Chinese girl you have to do simple things that work here. Talk to her like you regularly behave with girls in your country. In China girls completely melt from normal attitude when the man treats them as equal, but not as other sort like Chinese men like to do. Average Chinese man surely believe woman is kind of a thing, really, he also believe woman is housewife, housekeeper and take care for the Children. You will never see woman in China who is in charge of some state institution. The same with cooking – just make some traditional dishes of your national cuisine and Chinese girl would be pleased by the fact that man is cooking and pleasantly shocked and keep melting the man is cooking for her. One blogger suggests to make some usual European salad kind of Greek salad and he says it is hundred percent way to the heart of Chinese girl.

If you don’t know which Chinese girl to choose for a date or whom it would be correctly to ask going with you to restaurant try those with short haircut because in China those girls who just broke up with boyfriend usually cut their hair short. That could be the option meaning the girl most often is free, but she might also have a psychological trauma after brake up and have no wish to go for a date with foreigner or local; on the other hand she could look for revenge and you could appear in her life just in time. Anyways, look upon the situation, but try to check Chinese girls with short hair cut.

Traditional Chinese approach is to buy the girl all the things she likes and wants and she would be your girlfriend. But such approach doesn’t work all the time. It is much easier to make some compliments which Chinese girls didn’t get used to and make wonderful thing – prepare food for her – to bring something unusual to her life so she get interested. The same in sex. Pretty beauties you find in the club are non initiative in bed and sex with them is not interesting. They do all the commands the man wants because they used than man is in charge. Although, there are good chances to find virgin girl in China and start dating her and make her ideal for you.

If you liked some girl in China try to little ignore her like you are independent guy thinking about something vital for you and looking far. This trick works almost all the time. Chinese girls remind European man kids who explore the world and are very kind, naïve and trusty, so, don’t offend them, because they really are like children. Read also: Typical Chinese women characteristics – hottest women in the world?

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