Things Belarusian women expect from man but would not tell about

The world of men and women is in many ways the opposite and therefore attractive for both sexes. There are many differences, especially when we talk about different nationalities and mixed marriages. This difference must be taken into account for one simple reason – so that people do not have false expectations about each other. Indeed, what, for example, do Belarusian women expect from men, but they will never directly tell about it?

Belarusian women, what are they like? I have a few friends who live at the moment in Minsk, so they told me the main typical features of the girls of modern Belarus. First of all, it is of course the external beauty of Belarusian girls. They belong to the Slavs and average foreign man treats them as the most gentle, bright, radiant, cute, quite smart and educated as well as interesting, romantic, loving and family oriented girls in the world. Slavic girls only! (All these epithets about Belarusian women I with precision convey with words of my friend from Belarus)

In addition to the external beauty of these girls they have pretty sweet and kind character. They behave sometimes very origin and emotionally, thereby attracting men even more. Most women in Belarus see their main goal as early marriage and family creation. Of course, there are girls for whom education and career are in dominant positions in life, but even these representatives of the beautiful half of Belarus up to 35-40 years seriously think about family and family values.

So let us move closer to what Belarusian women are waiting from men? The first, and perhaps the most important fact that for these girls is decisive when choosing a man is certainly love and the desire to take care of her man. But this is in the best case.

In another case, such situations occur more often when a Belarusian girl considers a man as a way to improve the quality of her life. Everyone knows that Belarus is not a very successful country. The unemployment rate, especially for women in this country, is quite high. Women’s salaries in Belarus are lower than men’s. Also, Belarusian men are quite lazy by nature. All these circumstances make Belarusian women look for happiness with better-off men. Many for these purposes even move to Europe and there are looking for a worthy partner for life. The Belarusian woman never admits openly that her interests in relation to the man have mercenary character. She will behave very gently, carefully and lovingly. But this is only until she gets the coveted passport. From now on, everything can change dramatically.

Belarusian girls want to have a lot in life, for them the level of comfort, the social status of their men is important, but these girls do not always work to earn a decent standard of living on their own. Therefore, they are used to receive material benefits only from men. At the same time, the behavior of a modern Belarusian girl is quite self-confident and a man may have the impression that she does not want anything from him and does not wait for material well being only. But this is usually an illusion.

There is another important point. The Belarusian woman expects security from her man. The fact is that according to statistics, women in Belarusian families are very often exposed to domestic violence. Every year a lot of divorces occur for this reason. Belarusian woman would never tell her present foreign man partner that in past relationships she was beaten by her husband. But she will look for a real defender in a relationship with a new man who will not hurt her.

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