The story of marriage Venezuelan woman and European man

The plane has landed. Alexander went to the ladder, and immediately received a blow of hot air on the chin. Staying on his feet, the guy turned on the hearing and smell. Completely new sounds and smells mixed around. Heavy industrial oil felt in the air. Somewhere far away were rustling jungles. This was fundamentally different from Belarusian forests noise. He expected the earnings, career and exotics from Venezuela. However, as a result, passionate as in the Latin American TV shows, transatlantic love took the first place in this list.

It was in 2012. Alexander worked at the plant, which has become a product of passionate Belarusian-Venezuelan friendship. Europeans rose in South America industry and build a career. Till that moment Alex has just graduated from the University department of foreign languages. The main language was English and the second was Spanish, which he had been forced to improve on his own.

Alex says, Spanish, which he was taught at the university, and Spanish, which is spoken by native speakers particularly in Venezuela, are fundamentally different things. In Venezuela it is called “latino”. At first I could not understand anything, says Alexander. Read also: Venezuelan life, Venezuelan girls and places to meet them

By basic knowledge of Spanish Alexander has been allocated on the general background of alien compatriots.

Chirping Spanish heard from the kitchen: ‘I was working in the salon of cellular communication and we had a lot of Russian-speaking people passing around. They did not know Spanish and communicated only with gestures. Alex was the first who ever knew anything in Spanish. He could not catch my words from the first time, so all the time asking questions is ridiculous’, says Alex’s wife.

It was in the region of Barinas, and the city is also called Barinas. 300 thousand people, 500 kilometers from the capital. However, the level of crime, confidently punched the ceiling. Maria says it got worse ten years ago when it became impossible to walk alone the street at any time of the day. Before moving to Belarus girl moved around the city only in the car with friends or relatives. – Sometimes I ordered a taxi which I could wait for three hours. Still, you cannot trust anyone, because have to wait until a familiar driver is available.

– No rings and jewelry unless you want to become a lure, which is required to respond. I was once stopped in the street and they took everything. But I got off easy. A friend of my brother was robbed for three times. My dad, who was driving the car at 7 am on a weekday, was stopped on the road by man and pregnant woman who were riding the motorcycle. Dad tried to resist, but the man punched him right in the head. Robbers eventually took all the documents for the car. Then he was smuggled to pay to get them back. Naturally, the car was ripped to the max.

Alexander remembers his horror stories about Venezuela:

– Familiar guy said that statistically every hour someone is killed in Venezuela. I do not know how is this information official. But I would not be surprised if it is true. There was one local guy working with me in Venezuela. His uncle worked as a taxi driver. He braked at the intersection at 8 am and a motorcyclist crashed into a car. The driver began to complain: “You do not know how to drive?!” In response Motorcyclist said nothing. He just took out a gun and made two shots.

Venezuelans are sorry about it. Venezuela is beautiful country with a full set of travel attractions such as the Caribbean, the Amazon, the mountains, jungles, deserts and all historical places. However, it is not possible to make them work due to high level of crime.

– We have a joke: if abroad someone attacks the Venezuelan with a knife, he will just start to laugh and go. We are not surprised by this. One girl was working with me in the shop. Once she met the guys with knives on the street. They wanted to rob her. The girl began to fight back. Yes, she was a bit scratched and beaten, but did not give them anything. She kicked and beat the bandits with all the strength she could.

Over the unexpected proposal to marry and move to Belarus, Maria thought for two months.

– I have five brothers. Three of them are engaged in extreme biking and are known people in the country. My father has eight brothers and the same with my mother. Each of them has five or six children.  In total I have ninety relatives. When we gather at the end of the year, the table turns so huge that you can get tired until you reach one of its ends to the other. We have fun until dawn. And I had to leave all of them. But I decided.

Naturally, this decision caused a wave of panic. What is Belarus? Will Southerner like this region like of Earth? How will family of Alexander react on her? As a result, young people have landed in Minsk on December.

– I always wanted to see the snow. Yes, we have snow in Venezuela on capped peaks, but it’s hard to reach it. After his trip to Venezuela Alex was cold in Belarus at+15C. And I was just suffering from cold after out + 37. By the way, it is cold at night in Barinas, only +30 C.

A pair was deciding for long, how and where to get married. Yet young people have decided to do it in Belarus. However, in the end they had to wade through the bureaucratic jungle.

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