The marriage procedure in Bolivia

The countries of Latin America are wonderful, unique and in general hospitable, with amazing landscapes and unbelievable nature views. Bolivia for many is the most unusual country among all the rest. The way of life in Bolivia depends on several objective circumstances. The main one is the absence of exit to the sea in this country. So the life here is way more difficult, than, for example, life in Ecuador or highly developed Chile, but, of course, it also depends. Add to this, that Bolivia is one of the most original countries in the South America. Here you will meet a great amount of true pureblood Indians, more than wherever in Latin America.

All these facts described above have reflected on Bolivian men and women. They used to live in uneasy conditions. Men in Bolivia have conservative traditional views at relationships in their families. Women in Bolivia are very traditional as well; they mostly want to be obedient, to depend from her man almost totally. Having children, take care of house, love and obey husband – these are the main stereotypes in minds Bolivian women have.

Bolivia occupies one of the largest parts of the continent. A large part of the population of the country is made up of Indigenous peoples and numerous descendants of mixed marriages. Therefore, the traditions and customs of this country, handed down from generation to generation from the most ancient civilizations of America, are protected extremely carefully and, of course, affect the public life of Bolivia. That is why the relation to marriage here, in Bolivia, is very special.

The wedding tradition in Bolivia is different from the rituals of the rest of the world. In the traditional Bolivian wedding there are sponsors who fund the holiday. These are, as a rule, parents, godparents and relatives of the young. For getting married man and woman must have identity documents.

In Bolivia civil marriages are recognized as the only legal type of marriage. Marriages are performed in the office of civil registry. Religious ceremony could be held either before or after civil marriage registration. In Bolivia men are able to be married at the age of 16 and women at the age of 14, but they need to have permission from parents. As for documents, you need passport; Spanish translation of birth certificate; certificate which proves your eligibility of getting married where it says you are not married at the moment with someone else or that you are divorced etc.; and the proof of continuous living in Bolivia not less than three months. For more detailed information check Internet and find information and requirements in case of marriage with Bolivian girl which apply to your country of residence.

So as Bolivia in addition is also a very religious country, the newlyweds are mostly getting married in the church. As a rule, a dress for the bride is created by her mother or grandmother.

Bolivian marriage ceremony tends to express feelings with the help of songs and dances. Each region of Bolivia has its own musical tradition which has been using during marriage. The instruments which are the most favorite ones – are national Bolivian analogues of flute.

Usually a wedding dinner takes place on the shore of lakes in Bolivia. The guests sprinkle heads of the bride and groom with confetti and flower petals, and wish of a long and happy common life.

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