The first date with Ukrainian girl – how to manage it well and what you need to know

To begin with, – a little trick how to invite a beautiful unfamiliar Ukrainian woman to the first date. Come towards her and speaking English take out from your pants your smartphone  and ask her if she has an Instgram. Almost 200% that young attractive Ukrainian girl will definitely have Instagram profile. Ask her to find you on Instagram and add you to her followers. At home, you will definitely check her pics, put likes on some (!) of them – but not at all (this is important to put like only for some photoes). Let her think why those photos you liked, but why you did not like anoter pics. The next day, write her directly and ask if she wants to drink a cup of coffee with you. It will not be a date, but only drinking coffee for half an hour, which will allow you to arrange a date next time together (or disappoints you and you would not wish dating her). However, if everything goes well this time, then it is possible that the coffee gradually grew into a fulltime first date, why not? By the way, such a way of arranging a date is beautiful by the fact that on Instagram it is possible to know whether she has a boyfriend or husband if you are unsure about this, as most of the girls post photos of their beloved ones in social network to boast in front of others.

Important information before you went for the first date with Ukrainian girl

Image of Ukrainian girl abroad is spoiled that much that even search engines show up results like ‘online dating’ and stuff when you just search for Ukrainian women and their national peculiarities, for example. If you are one of such men who are looking for quick dating this article is not for you and you better leave this site.

We are telling about first date with average Ukrainian girl whom you are able to meet in Ukraine only, but NOT on a dating site. Why is that so? Because dating industry – it is a huuuuuuuge amount of money and there are lots of scam agencies whose aim is just to “grab” as much money as they can from trustful Canadian or American man. There is nothing common with things like romance, love, feelings or even pure desire to find foreign boyfriend – it is just about money. REMEMBER: Descent average Ukrainian girl who has all those “granny family values” NEVER would seek exactly for FOREIGN BOYFRIEND or FOREIGN FIANCE because she is just usual girl and she would rather start dating the guy she has met somewhere at work, on the birthday of best friend, during studies at the University – in normal real life and most often this potential candidate for dating would be Ukrainian just because in Ukraine there is not that much foreigners and vast majority of girls in Ukraine do NOT have purpose to find American or… Australian boyfriend.


What to do to please Ukrainian woman on the first date?

1. Ukrainian women do not pay for themselves on the first date. The first advice rather allows you to avoid misunderstandings and not make yourself to look unprofitable in the eyes of Ukrainian women. The fact that in Ukraine a girl is not accepted to pay at the restaurant for an appointment is needed to know, because it is part of the national culture, where the man has a leading role, and it is not only about the first, but also about the second and all subsequent dates. A girl in Ukraine does not pay for the date and does not split the bill not because of being greedy or mercantile, but because she believes that such behavior can offend a man, her hint to pay may cause a man’s inferiority response, to force her man to think that he does not earn enough to pay for dinner in restaurant. Of course, times are changing and the Western culture of equality values ​​comes to Ukraine as well, so here too it is often possible to observe the situation when a woman proposes to split the bill, but it is unknown whether it is good, because Ukrainian women are popular not only because of their beauty, but due to the fact that they share traditional family values, in particular, leaving at least the formal role of the head of the family to a man. Therefore, it is necessary to know the specifics of Ukrainian mentality often not even in order to please Ukrainian women, but in order not to make mistakes and not to cause them a negative repulsive reaction. Therefore, you know – to pay for everything on the first date in Ukraine has a man. Of course, it’s about formal expenses – paying a bill in a restaurant or paying for movie tickets, but if the girl wants to buy her a gift (especially if she demands (!) precious gift), then you need to be careful, because most likely this is either a well-known fraudulent scheme, or you just got into the net of an unscrupulous Ukrainian woman.

2. Tell Ukrainian girl that it’s interesting to spend time with her, and also that you feel good with her. Most of Ukrainian girls have serious lack of attention. Most of Ukrainian men are not very generous to make compliments and that is one of the main reasons why so many Ukrainian women are getting married to men from East – because they literary wash Ukrainian women with compliments non-stop all the time and with many Ukrainian girls such simple primitive strategy still works because even knowing such words are flattery they still gratefully accept it.

3. Be what you really are. This tip is too blur an in addition – as old as hills and might be applied to dating with all women in the world, not only Ukrainian, you may argue. But there is something special about being sincere with Ukrainian women – they have enormous capability to detect lie and if they find it they never forgive. Such liar by default goes out of interest radars of Ukrainian woman and this could never be changed, such strong reflex Ukrainian women have towards lie. And it does not matter that lie could be abstract, with no bad aim – it is still something unacceptable for Ukrainian woman.

4. Gently, but necessarily try to inform the girl you are promising man. This should be made in unobtrusive, friendly way of communication. Ask the girl what she likes to do while her spare time and carefully listening to her, tell her about your interests. The best is when your hobby provides you with life income or is going to. For example, you like to write stories and publish e-books based on these stories of yours and earn not bad amount of money on this, so you have strategy how to develop this business to enormously high level of income and combine both – doing what you like and earning. This is a kind of stuff which might be very interesting to intelligent Ukrainian girl, but there is no need to describe everything in details otherwise it might become very boring to the girl. The hint of man being promising intrigues woman the most and stands somewhere on the same level as ability of man being reliable and ability of man to bring satisfaction to his woman. Of course, to be promising you have to know how to find your pros and how properly bring them up. If you work as car washer it is hard to impress the girl, but you may say you also provide your own blog where you teach people woodworking and you also have YouTube channel on this topic and then you can show her pictures of your handmade wood products. Summarizing your hobby you should say you need the job to earn stable amount of money, but in the future if everything goes by your plan you are going to widen your channel and blog, earn on publishing, advertising and selling wooden products made by you as well as making wooden goods on order. The most important is to think over the story which suits you and DO NOT LIE! If you really are not interested in anything you better not start this topic and maybe the girl would like you just for your body shape, who knows. Be sincere and do not make up stories because lie would quickly become truth which would make the situation very uncomfortable for you.

5. Ask her more about herself. Let her tell you as much information as she would like to. While listening, sometimes ask her questions concerning the topics she is telling you about. Even if you are not interested, on the first date it is better to pretend you are or… ask her to change the topic – at least if would be fair and sincere although it might be the last point which would finish the date or make the first date to be the last date. Dating and even communication with woman is the game and there are certain rules. If you do not follow the rules the chances are high you are going to lose the game.

6. Do not talk too much. Ukrainian women still prefer that stereotypic type of real man, who is reliable, protective, does not afraid to take responsibility if needed and knows how to deal with difficulties. Such man does not talk too much, but he speaks with his actions. Such a man type you should be if you want quickly please Ukrainian woman on the first date.

7. Try not to be very serious. Keep the balance close to the gold middle. It is not needed to be a clown or comic, but there is nothing worse than boring man. If you are happy with your own life and feel yourself as held man you have no problems with women, with communication and dating them. People feel your energy, positive mood and would like to communicate with you more and more, including woman on the first date. As you see, the most important here is work on yourself, self-development, upgrading own spiritual level, practicing meditation, watching your physical body shape (exercises, sports, physical training), your mental body (thoughts) and then you will see how your life would be positively transformed, including all aspects of life – personal life (dating, first date, marriage).

8. You are the reason. Before you start dating someone you have to feel sure you want this and you are confident in what you are doing. Women feel man’s confidence or its lack very strongly and this is the case of successful and unsuccessful romances, relationships etc.

Why is it worth to go for the first date with Ukrainian girl?

1. Pretty girl is dream of every man. Come on, let’s not hide real reasons why almost all men pay attention to women – their beauty, forms, figure, sexuality. This is the way how Mother Nature created us and it would be absurd to deny physical attractiveness of women towards men, because this is probably one of the key factors we have survived on this Planet. But how most of the men behave when they see pretty woman? They hide! Yes! They hide their eyes, they smile and try to escape, they try to find something to do or start staring at their smartphone! This all means men nowadays have catastrophic lack of confidence and that is why most of pretty women nowadays actually remain alone. Rare man would come and start conversation with really pretty girl because he is afraid (afraid she might already have a boyfriend, afraid she is more successful than he is, afraid she would laugh at him etc). And that pretty blonde would live without boyfriend for years although in reality she dreams of happy relationship with beloved man who would make her coffee in the morning and they together would travel to nearest lake on the weekend. First date with pretty Ukrainian woman might help many men to fight with own fears towards pretty women. Maybe in the US you really have no chances to ask some model-look pretty for a date because she would laugh at you and deny, but in Ukraine there is huge possibility for this because vast majority of girls in Ukraine look like if models were walking the streets. This is your perfect chance to cope with anxiety on the first date with pretty girl or at least to see how your inner body reacts for being in one company with such a beauty. You have a chance to practice in communication with astonishingly pretty women and even if such a first date would not bring any start to successful future relationship, this is great experience and live life communication  with gorgeous women. Maybe such experience would help you to be more confident with women at home or would make you more confident man which is also necessary part for every successful man’s personal development.

2. Ukrainian girls are awesome interlocutors. This is one more reason to spend the first date exactly with Ukrainian girl. But there is one huge drawback. For this date to happen you must be sure she has descent level of English. Unfortunately, it is a great problem when you have met the girl you really liked in Ukraine but she speaks totally zero English! Especially often this happens if this Ukrainian girl is from the rural area. I guess because the quality of education in Ukrainian villages is much lower than in Ukrainian cities. Where is the way out? Online translator from Google which you may download as app and it would work even without consuming Internet traffic or other applications similar to the mentioned one. It is very handy when you tell something in English and your voice is transformed into Ukrainian so your Ukrainian interlocutor would understand everything you say. It works both ways: when she would say something in Ukrainian her voice would be transformed into English. Although it is not very handy, especially if you want to spend your time in the restaurant, for the very beginning I guess this is the best way out – few years ago even this was not possible. Even though there are some mistakes online translator machine could sometimes make, this is still the best option to use if your Ukrainian girl does not speak any English.

3. Ukrainian girls are realists, but they are not upset by surrounding reality and know how to transform it into positive stream so everything grey could become bright and colorful. I can not explain how it works, but to feel this positive stream of thinking you definitely have to visit Ukraine and going for a date might perfectly help you in this.

4. A chance to date beautiful and intelligent women psychologist. Ukrainian women are great psychologists from the nature. I am not sure whether this is Ukrainian reality what is making them so wise, but almost every Ukrainian lady is able to give you professional diagnosis of your personal problems after short time listening of your life story. This is very weird to hear things you were trying yourself to escape from for years from woman whom you see the first or the second time in your life. Not always but sometimes the first date with Ukrainian girl could be like a visit to psychologist after which you might never be the same starting positive changes towards harmony in your life. The main is not to be afraid to admit your own problems and mistakes. Of course, it does not mean you have to cry on the first date confessing the girl how hard life you’ve had and how poor you are – this is the worst type of the guy women are afraid as cat is afraid of the fire. I am talking about some major problems which Ukrainian girl might help you to understand. Such problems could be, for example, why you remain single for 5 years, what features of character make women to keep aloof.

How to finish the first date in Ukraine?

Good end of the first date in Ukraine is when you walk the girl to the subway (if it is some kind of big Ukrainian city like Kyiv, Dnipro or Kharkiv) or call her a taxi (Uber, Uklon) and pay for it. Before you say goodbye give her a hint you would like to see her again at the next appointment. When waiting for a taxi, or when you leave the restaurant, tell her that you want to meet again. But do not force the events and let it all flow more or less naturally, judge on the appropriate reaction of the girl whether to say it or not. If you did not say it, you still will have time to do it while writing her on messenger or in a text message.

You should never deceive yourself, and if you do not like the girl, or you see that she did not like you, it’s better to stop the date, and for this it is not necessary to invent an imaginary cause – it’s honest enough to admit that you do not feel satisfied with her, you do not feel yourself comfortable or do not see yourself with her in the future neither as her boyfriend nor as her friend. Such sincerity can sometimes confuse, disappoint, or even distract a girl, but there are cases when a girl truly appreciates such male sincerity and this might even allow her to look at you in a new way as a man with strong volitional qualities that may be an additional chance for new relationship, who knows? In any case, you need to speak calmly, carefully, sincerely, but not roughly, in rude manner, or with a mockery. Only in the first case Ukrainian woman can appreciate your high man’s qualities (although not always).

Which signals indicate that the first date is due to be completed right now?

1) Your interlocutor behaves horrendously with you, lets her laugh at your expressions, manners, your narratives.

2) Criticizes everything and everyone. The fact that she does not criticize you so far is just a matter of time. If she started teaching you, it’s time to leave her alone in her gloomy world.

3) Your interlocutor tells you that she does not like you and she went to this date just because she was asked so by her friend, mother, sister, etc.

4) If the Ukrainian woman with whom you are at the first date did not want to answer any of your questions, it makes sense to think whether you need such an insincere girl in the future if you start dating her. Of course, you can give her some time, maybe she does not hide anything, but just does not feel comfortable enough, but, as a rule, open people sincerely tell the main things about themselves at once.

5) A girl from Ukraine asking you at the very first date to help her financially, to give her money for treatment of her sick mother, or she’s complaining that she never had an expensive smartphone – is an ideal candidate whom should leave as soon as possible and never again mention her contact.

If the first date with Ukrainian girl was not successful due to her appearance or character, do not hurry to delete her from your contact list. Maybe you will not be a boyfriend and girlfriend, lovers or husband and wife, but you may become good friends. Perhaps you have common hobbies, or you can help each other in professional growth, or once she will invite you to a birthday party and there among her friends you will find the same Ukrainian woman with whom the first date will grow into the second one, and then in a lasting relationship that will end by fulfilling within the formation of a happy family. Think about it, because everything that happens to us it’s not accidental, there’s a certain cause for everything, about which we can often only guess and do not even suspect real truth.

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7 Responses

  1. Alarm Clock says:

    I’ve never thought only 3% of Ukrainian girls would like to date foreigners. Maybe they made a mistake and this figures should be replaced? 3% who do not want and 97% who want? 🙂

  2. Cameraman says:

    Language might be the problem as it is written here, but not to that big extent. In average yes, visiting any other country like Thailand, Indonesia or Latvia in search of potential bride, girlfriend etc you have much higher chances for English speaking communication that in Ukraine but it is not a huge drawback because Ukraine is unique qith its women where lack of English is nothing in comparison with their beauty, gorgeous body and sharp intelligence

  3. AA Size Captain says:

    I was on the date with girl from Ukraine. Nothing special. She was staring at me during the whole evening and smiling where it seems she did not understand 80 percents of what I was telling her. But in general it was fun time. We did not continue our communication after because there was very little what could connect us in the future. Yes, language is a huge problem. I am sure she is interesting person with lot’s of hobbies and interests which she could not inform me about and if sometimes in goes about poor English level than in Ukraine it is completely… ABSENT!! and unfortunately that is not only my own observation

  4. Cloud Mossy says:

    I don’t even think there is some big difference when it is going especially about first date with Ukrainian girl. I think first date with Ukrainian girl is almost the same as first date with girl from the USA or Bolivia. Maybe except for splitting the bill part where in Ukraine you have to pay for both – yourself and the girl. But in general it is nice and informative piece of writing.

  5. Dansel says:

    Nice post, really deep and informative. On my initiative I shared it among friends, maybe someone would be interested. I always was curious why people like to divide everything to black n white. The same I observe when it goes about women of particular nation, in this case – Ukraine. Men are trying to find the information that would help in their case, such a particular one way solution. But in case with women it is just impossible because you never know! Woman may be gentle for now at the moment and in half an hour she might become aggressive or disappointed with something that’s why it is impossible to predict first date with woman, how it would go and how to behave. That’s why you can’t say all Ukrainian women would do that and that and they wouldn’t do that and that on the first date. Thank you for hints and info, this is really nice article and I really appreciate your work, but I guess you may take into consideration general facts but ll be unable to make a prognosis of how the date would actually go

    • ukrnetia_871skv says:

      Thanks for your time, comment and sharing! We appreciate it very much! That is exactly what we do: provide people with general hints which are based on someone’s personal experience. This experience might be of different subjectiveness level and doesn’t pretend to be ultimate truth, but many people find it useful. However, its always up to you whether to believe the facts or hints we publish or not. We agree all women are different personalities and what is true for one might not work with another one even if they both are from one country and might have some common mental characteristics.

  6. No one knows me says:

    My experience tell it is rather important to go for the first date in Ukraine with the girl whom you met in Ukraine, but not on a dating site. When you ask the girl to go for coffee and look how she reacts it is great, but when you buy a plane ticket from the States to Kiev and the girl you were chatting with doesn’t exist this is what… disappoints a little 🙂 be wise, guys. I learned quickly and decided to search for potential candidates for the first date in the place as I already was in Ukraine. Must say if not that scam I would never be brave enough just to visit Ukraine without clear purpose. But my situation helped me to look at Ukrainian girls with another angle. I already went for three dates during first week in Ukraine and I love it

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