The Best 17 Advices For The First Date With Ukrainian girl

Some men are just crazy about idea of showing themselves as best as they can during the first date. Although some do not really care. There are those who even want to please the girl on the first date. You are welcome to choose any ‘strategy’ you want because dating is kind of the game and there is no final winner or loser, actually, they are but day by day the situation is changing. Personally I would not recommend trying to please Ukrainian girl right on the first date. It is much more important to make her interested in you. When it is going about first date most of men are nervous except for those who have very BIG experience and are self confident enough. If you are one of those average guys than first date with Ukrainian girl might seem a serious challenge for you. It is all because Ukrainian girls are known as very pretty ones, according to many questionnaires – share top 5 of the most pretty women in the world. And most of the men are afraid of pretty women. Why? Most of the men only dream about models and discussing girls by bottle of beer but when it comes to action in real life they are afraid to talk to pretty model looking girl. By the way, there are facts that many pretty girls remain singles for a long time because most of the men think they already have a boyfriend or husband and the rest half are afraid to start conversation. How to behave on the first date with Ukrainian girl so you have some chance to get the second date with her?

You have to understand that this is just a date and nothing more. Pleasant common time spending with pretty girl. That’s it. It is not a start of your married life yet and it is not going about serious relations at this time. You both just exploring each other and this is normal. If you take it easy it would help you to show your main positive sides. Remember that not only you are nervous, but the girl as well and your level of anxiety has to be much love that the one of Ukrainian girl on the first date. In such a way you are showing your confidence and this is what Ukrainian girls like in guys probably the most.

You do not need to do anything special to get her attention but just be yourself. Do not worry if something goes not well because you are who you are. It is normal. If that Ukrainian girl would not accept you for traits you have and for who you are than you don’t need this girl. In any case first date is a try for both to understand whether you fit together or not. You have to realize that result might be not pleasant. But only if it is natural result. Worse if you spoil everything by lack of knowledge and wrong type of behavior on the first date. Do not pretend you are someone else. Ukrainian girls are good psychologists and will easily find out you are pretending unless you are really great actor. But even if you succeed in such a way in the future the truth will come up and it would make only worth because it may lead to break up in your relations and by this time you may get used to her very much.

Men always pay most attention to appearance of the woman. Women also pay attention to appearance of the man, but not that much as men to women. Women fall in love with their ears and it would be silly not to use this trick on the first date with girl from Ukraine. Make your Ukrainian lady reasonable compliments, but know the measure and control so they would not be about body parts, rude of explicitly call for getting closer. Do not afraid to talk first as even though Ukrainian women are gorgeous they have mild characters. It is not like in the U.S. where if woman looks stylish and pretty it means she is hard to start conversation with as most of all she has very dominative type of character.

Now let us back to the topic of your appearance and look at the first date with Ukrainian girl. Clothes. It should be clean and semi-formal is the best option. Jeans and casual style T-shirt is ok. Do not wear a suit as this is real exaggeration. Sportswear is not acceptable under any condition. Ukrainian girls pay special attention to shoes and fingers. Shoes must be clean and nails should be cut. Choose nice perfume, but do not take too much and keep measure in everything. Wearing pale and dark colors will help you to be more calm.

Ukrainian women like guys who are confident, keep their word and for this it is better not late for the first date. Much better to come 5 minutes in advance. Ukrainian women like leader type guys and you have to be initiative. When you met her, present a bouquet of flowers – it is a must for Ukrainian girl. She just needs such sign of attention. Propose minimum three places you would like to go and let the girl choose. Have you noticed you still choose, because the girl is forced to choose between your options. Hardly possible that she will propose something on her initiative.

Boring quiet guy is a disaster for Ukrainian girl. But measure in everything means you have to talk less and do more actions. Ask your Ukrainian lady short questions and make her answer, talk, tell etc. You see, it is so easy to rule when you want and subconsciously girl is already following you and this is very important.

What do you talk about on the first date with Ukrainian girl? About everything you want, but there are some taboo topics which I will mention below. It is not a secret Ukrainian girls like guys who go to their goals, who try to achieve something in life, business, work – such focused guys. If you feel it is appropriate you may tell about your achievements, what are your goals, what you do for making for life (without numbers), just show you do something interesting, important and which brings you good income.

As I said I give the list of taboo topics on the first date with Ukrainian girl. (It means what we do not talk about on the first date with girl from Ukraine).

– Even if she is extremely hot it is ok to make her compliment, but never talk about sex on the first date with Ukrainian girl as she would clarify your plans immediately and after understanding you want to use her for one night stand would finish the date. Ukrainian girls do not accept one night stands and 99% want to have serious relations, family, children.

– If you are ill or have some health problems do not talk about this as well. Subconsciously girl will take out for weak guy who is not able to provide family with all necessary.

– Do not talk about your ex

– Do not speak on topics you do not like

– Do not say anything bad about other people even if they deserved

– If you have some drawbacks it is forbidden to talk about them

Be fun. Ukrainian girls like guys with good sense of humor and those who can make them laugh.

Ukrainian women are quite obedient, they need strong man’s shoulder even if they show and tell the opposite. You have to be leader. It is good if on the first date you take her hand and go somewhere. It should be made spontaneous and she has not understand what has happened, but subconscious will make its work.

Propose to walk the girl home if this is small town and she lives close. Good option is to call the cab. As for kiss on the first date with Ukrainian girl… – act on the situation. If you think it is appropriate you may try. If you are not sure than it is better to wait until the third date with Ukrainian girl.

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    I love Ukrainian ladies but I think there should be a University degree in ‘dating’ because I think it’s tough! Men have only a few requirements and yes we are basic creatures! Coming from a western country with the high level of female list of male attributes at least it seems Ukrainian women are in touch with old fashioned virtues in men not soured with Hollywood virtues, it’s refreshing but challenging

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