Successfull stories of American man who has married Bolivian girl

Hey everyone. My name is Jason and today I would like to share my happiness by spreading the word over the world. The topic is my successful marriage with girl from Bolivia. Why I decided to write this? Because although we live in Western world which is fighting for equal rights for all nations and nationalities I stumbled upon many prejudices which actually exist in our society in 21st century! I wanted to say something like: come on, guys, we want to colonize Mars and drive cars working on solar energy but we are full of stupid stereotypes and silly misunderstandings about other countries and citizens. I only realize it after I got married to kind and pretty woman from Bolivia for whom I am so thankful God.

I am writing this because after my wife moved to the U.S. she had whole bunch of ridiculous questions about her home country and many irritating remarks which after telling to me really pissed me off. Not that I was angry at my wife, but that I was pissed at some of my stupid, non-tolerant and impolite counterparts.

Examples of American attitude towards Bolivians which my wife told me about were as follows:

  • How did you get cash from credit card in Bolivia? Are there bank machines?
  • Is it true that everyone in Bolivia has a gun?
  • So, you also have Internet and Facebook in Bolivia?
  • You have Master’s degree in foreign languages and translation? Are there Universities in Bolivia? Well, yes, I have noticed your English is great but I thought people in Bolivia speak Bolivian language
  • Your family lives in the house? I thought it is more like people in Bolivia live in villages in between the jungles and cook food all together on big bonfire. Actually I am dreaming about life like that in some kind of tribe or something.

You see, that is average American ‘understanding’ of what Bolivia is. And that are only things I managed to remember so far while writing this text. In fact there were much more which I can not remind myself about at the moment. But the most ridiculous one was when my wife went to the trip and had to stay for the night in some crappy motel and hostess after asking her ID saw Bolivian passport was showing her how tap in the bathroom works remarking that red, RED, REEEEED tap is for hot water and blue one is for cold. My wife said that he felt herself even kind of humiliated at that moment. Moreover, under different reasons lady on the reception who is also doing duties of cleaning staff and managing hotel visited the room of my wife three times and told that she has to check whether it is ok with electricity and has to check LED bulbs and also has to check water because guests from the beyond floor room seemed to have water dropping from the ceiling.

Now you might ask me how all this concerns my successful marriage with Bolivian girl and why my marriage is SUCCESSFUL? Because my Bolivian wife is the greatest WOMAN I have ever met in my life. She is very kind and well educated. She knows so much interesting stuff about the world (although she has never been anywhere except for Bolivia, Brazil, France and the States) that we can talk for hours. She is always in a good mood and is very positive person. We like to discuss our plans, problems and she is great psychologist, by the way. No one ever took so much care of me as my wife, I really appreciate this and try to help and support her in everything as well. For those who might be interested – yes, my wife is beautiful. She is much more prettier that average nice American woman, but her gorgeous appearance with Latin American notes was not prominent reason for why I decided to marry her.

Many of you might say that I have chosen her because I want to use her as housewife, for example. No, it is not true. I help my wife doing all house work or she helps me. We share our duties, but sometimes she has her own initiative when I am at work and I can not do anything with that. I like the type of women who are feminine and family oriented and that is why I love my wife so much. But I do not use her or nothing like that. We live in harmony, discuss everything that worry us and if we argue we are looking for the way out and compromise together. I never demand anything from my wife, but she likes to make me pleasant surprises and so do I. She is just Godess on the kitchen as everything she prepares is so damn tasty. And I do not gain extra weight because she likes to cook food from natural healthy ingridients and have meals 3 times a day according to agenda that was formed for years of common life.

Bolivian life is hard, but it does not mean people there live like two centuries ago. On example of my wife and when visiting her family I can tell these people are very hospitable, nice, intelligent and overwhelmed. We are often those who can not see further that our nose and because of that we have many problems, prejudices and stereotypes.

If you want to know more about common life of American man and Bolivian wife I will tell you. My wife has completely helped me to look with different eyes at the world. She is fond of meditation and visits retreats from time to time. She helped me to try meditation as well and my life is very different, very positive, I feel joy in every moment of life. Of course, sometimes I am sad, angry, nervous but most of the time I am tranquil and happy.

My wife likes active way of life and she rides the bike, visits gym, does running in the morning and on Thursdays and Mondays she has swimming. This is not the end. She likes to draw and takes classes. She learned technique of relaxation which is based on sudden and free drawing with different color pencils you choose yourself. It is really interesting to live with my wife as my life is full of emotions, some new things which I never knew before.

Have I ever thought I would be married to woman from Bolivia? No. Did I know she would be so intelligent, interesting and deep personality? No. Could I imagine Bolivian people would impress me so much by their knowledge and interest in different spheres? No. I was usual average American with almost no knowledge about the rest of the world. But after visiting Bolivia and rest of Latin American countries I completely changed my life overview. Especially when I met my future wife 5 years ago in Bolivia. I am thankful to my fate for such great life companion. On my side I try to be reliable partner for my wife, always support her and try to make her happy as she makes me happy as well. Love you very much, my darling diamond and hope sharing this would help Americans to understand better Bolivian nation and great people who live there.

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