Successful story of American whose wife is Estonian woman

Journalist: Gregory, where are you from, when did you get married with your Estonian wife and what is her name?

Gregory: Wow, that seems like serious interrogation and I suppose it to be a soul interview (Smiling)

Journalist: No, it is just a usual practice, that’s how we usually do, don’t be afraid, we are not going to hurt you 🙂

Gregory: Just kidding. Or should I afraid? Just kidding. So, I am from Alabama. My wife’s name is Annika and I got married on July 12, 2014.

Journalist: Wow, such a precise answers. I meant more like circumstances when you got married and stuff. Sorry for not emphasizing this.

Gregory: Oh, that’s ok. It’s just probably I take this interview too serious. (Smiling). Well, the Marriage was in beautiful restaurant downtown Tallinn, which is the capital city of Estonia, if someone does not know. The actual ceremony was in the civil registry office although there are prists in Estonia who have the right to conduct marriage as well. The wedding was fun, there were a lot of dances, alcohol, it was actually like a fun party with people of all ages and I really enjoyed it.

Journalist: How old are you and your wife? Is there a big difference in age between you and your wife?

Gregory: Actually no, I am 36 and my wife is 33. I don’t consider it a big difference. But I know there are many our compatriots at the age of 60 who conduct marriage with young 20 years old Estonian girls. I think this is marriage based on nothing else rather than advantage where bride is interested in money or citizenship and husband is interested in her youth and beauty, but he is unable to find such young bride at home as he is relatively not rich, but still he has chances way back in Estonia. Our marriage was based on mutual feelings, I believe. (Smiles) No, really, we lived for 3 years together before we decided to get married officially. I am sure my wife is with me not because of money and by the way, most of the time we live in Estonia, so it is not about moving to the States thing as many might think. My wife prefers to live in Estonia and does not want to move to the U.S. even though I proposed her to move.

Journalist: Is it your first marriage?

Gregory: Yes, it is

Journalist: Do you think if you were married to American woman your family life would be different? How come? Read also: How Estonian and American women differ from each other

Gregory: It would be different for sure, because of some cultural differences, but I think now I am very happy man and by big part of this happiness I must thank to my wife. I am happy to have such cozy family life. My wife goes to work because she wants so, but she might not work if she would like to. But she finds time for everything – for work, to clean the house, to cook something tasty for me every day. I very doubt American wife would do the same. My wife is real pretty, she is walking beauty and I am happy to wake up in the morning looking at her pretty face. I don’t know what family life with American woman is, but I am extremely happy to have Estonian wife. I am thankful God for my life and for all what I have now and I always try to make my wife some pleasant surprises or presents.

Journalist: What kind of surprises, could you please clarify it a little to our readers?

Gregory: Sure, I like to bring my wife flowers for no reason. Just when I come back home after shopping and see the lady selling flowers on the street I buy a bouquet. The power of flowers on Estonian women could not be underestimated!

Journalist: Thank you for this short, but informative conversation. Wish you happiness in future family life from me and our readers!

Gregory: You are welcome, thank you as well, it was a nice experience for me. I wish good luck for you and your readers.

Journalist: Thank you.

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