Successful story of American man who has married Icelandic woman

Love story of James and Margret has started in late 2016. James has not heard a lot about Iceland and did not even know where this country is situated. The only thing he knew well was that Iceland it is something you associate cold with, but not the cold of Icelandic women’s heart – as James got to know later.

One Sunday morning James was watching YouTube survival videos and stumbled upon one movie where the guy was showing geysers in Iceland and how to boil eggs in it. James decided to ask Doctor Google more about Iceland and what he has found really intrigued him because except for all interesting natural formations and unique places Iceland has many pretty women.

The next week James was already in the plane to Reykjavik. Iceland met him with peaceful weather and some weird for big city man quietness. After few days of staying in the capital of Iceland James visited few places, including famous local church, supermarket which surprised him with huge prices for usual things and some local bars, of course. In one of such bars he has started conversation with tall blond. The conversation started so good that ended in James’s hotel room. Next day Margret gave him phone number and proposed to have canoe trip on Monday. James agreed and he actually had a lot of fun though it was pretty hard. Few days later they went to kind of hot tub but natural one, under open sky. That was very romantic to watch a sunset in such a beautiful nature, hot natural pool and they both together.

Cultural difference made both James and Margret be more and more interested in each other. Later Margret visited the USA with James and was surprised to see so many weird new things as she has never been abroad before. They lived for some time in the States and then for some time moved to Iceland. They had a trip through Europe organized by James and visited whole bunch of European countries where the most memorable for Margret for some reason were Serbia, Poland, Austria, Belgium and Croatia though they have been to 12 more countries. And on December 12, 2017 James made Margret proposal.

James says they are very happy together because even though they are from different cultures they feel mutual sympathy and have more common than uncommon. For example, James respects gender equality which Margret is so obedient to. He likes to do house work which Margret hates to do, but James compares doing work about the house with meditation where he can be with himself, not thinking about anything. Harmony, right? They plan their life together without quarrels and with deep understanding of each other. They prefer to talk everything over than to do something on own initiative as there is possibility to offend partner or make him discomfort. Common friends say now they believe that there could be people created for each other because when they are looking at Margret and James this becomes understandable itself.

As you may see, marriages between Americans and Icelandic are pretty much possible and according to not very big cultural differences have all chances to start up strongly and happily bringing both couple members joy and satisfaction from common living and mutual unity.

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