Successful stories of Moldovan girls marry foreigners

Moldovan girls, of course, know what they are – “the best of the best”, but still it’s nice to hear it from foreign men! We are publishing their stories without additions and corrections.

Rit and Natalia
10 years together

Rit: We met with Natalia in the late 90s. She then came to the Netherlands on a business trip. I remember, pretty girl came to me and in terrible school English asked how to pass to some street. I’ve been explaining to her how to go, where to roll, and then went to see it myself. We strolled into the night. By the end of the day I easily understood what Natalia says. Then there were three more days that we spent together. And I realized that I fell in love! A few months later I made her a proposal.

Before we met with Natalia, I had no idea about the existence of such a country like Moldova. Thanks to television, I knew about the Soviet Union, but as I was not interested in politics in 1999 I thought that this Union still exists. It seemed to me that the people of the Soviet Union are very modest and fear of abroad. Natalia completely dispelled all my stereotypes. She quickly adapted to life in a new country, she found a job, got her driver’s license and feels at home here. The only problem at first was the absence of wife’s friends. She had no one to talk, no one, as my wife says, complain to the vest, no one to ask for advice. In fact, I was the only one close to her person in a foreign country.

In general, Moldovan women are very beautiful, household and caring. Dutch women are more emancipated, they do not like when you open the door in front of them or pass them forward, or pay for them at the restaurant. And my wife does not even afford to buy a lipstick without my approval. Natalia overcame my long-standing habit of eating cold food at lunchtime and do not eat after six in the evening. And I was surprised to learn that there is such a holiday – International Women’s Day on 8th of March, it is now one more reason to give my wife flowers. Easter and Christmas we celebrate twice because I am Protestant and Natalia is Orthodox.

As in any family, we have conflicts occur, but not due to the fact that we have different mentalities, but because of the fact that I’m a man, and she is a woman, and sometimes it is hard for us to understand each other. I respect my wife’s home, we were coming to Moldova many times, but I do not like Moldovan dishes, for example. Moldovan language I do not understand, but learned to speak a little in Russian.

Anna and Marcus
United States
3 years together

Marcus: Anna and I met at a party of our friend. Until that time, I’ve seen her several times, as we went to the same church, but she caused no interest in me. At a party of a friend we got to talk and it turned out that we had a lot in common. Her English was so good, I could not imagine she is foreigner.

We started dating. Anna told me about her homeland, what traditions they have in Moldova and how tasty wine is made up there. One day she invited me to visit the Moldovan dinner with polenta, stuffed cabbage and platsintas. And the next day I made her an offer! It was Christmas Eve. We went to our favorite cafe, and when we were going out of the car, I suddenly asked her to marry me. Anya was so shocked that even a few days later she kept her eyes on the ring.

Moldovan wife is something extraordinary! She always looks good, has perfect taste, she is always dressed immaculately and clearly knows what she wants from life. American women are different, they do not take care of themselves, buy new clothes for special occasions and did not seek to create a family and have children. It is always clean at our house, everything has a place, and the kitchen smells like something tasty. During the two years of our life together, I even put on weight – all due to the fact that Anna pampers me with buns, cakes and biscuits.

Moldovan women are very responsible, always thinking ahead. Anya is clearly watching our family budget, planning costs and trying to make sure that we have a little bit and hoarded. Anya herself fully planned our wedding, we still accept compliments from friends for a memorable holiday. My parents expressed very warm attitude to my selection and show off to the neighbors that their son has got “golden” wife.

Before we met, I did not know anything about Moldova, but now I really want to go on a tour of the Moldavian monasteries. I even planned the route, we only have to allocate time and money from the family budget.

Anastasia and Joseph
Together for almost three years

Joseph: Anastasian and I were introduced by common friends. I was a witness at wedding, which took place in Chisinau. When I arrived in Moldova, Anastasia and I have been familiar with each other in absentia by correspondence. Every day we wrote letters to each other one, or even two or three letters. Therefore, the meeting was highly anticipated. Before I met Anastasia I knew that there is a country of Moldova, which is a former Soviet republic, and it is in Europe.

When I first arrived in Chisinau, I was struck by the fact that the city is surrounded by greenery that grows by itself, without having to take care of it. After spending two weeks together, I invited Anastasia to Israel to get her acquainted with the country and my parents. She came only in five months, but seemed like we never parted, because every day we communicated on Skype. In Israel Anastasia stayed for a month. We have traveled almost the entire country. In a small garden on a cliff overlooking the Haifa Bay, I made her an offer.

From the moment we met, I knew we were made for each other. Anastasia is very caring. She taught me to shave every day and always look neat. She wanted to find a man who will treat her well, who will create a strong family with her. You know, most Israeli women do not aspire to it. They are arrogant and try to show that they are superior to others. Moldovan women are wonderful hostess and cook very tasty. Anastasia often indulges me with Moldovan national dishes, which is why I can not lose weight.

The only problem we faced before the wedding that Anastasia was Orthodox. My family wanted to convert her to Judaism. She gladly agreed. Now our relationship is in complete harmony.

Olga and Paul
United Kingdom
3 years together

Paul: Olya and I met on the Internet dating site. Her friend was also on this site and for the company put Olyas photo. I liked her so much that, without waiting for Olga’s consent, I came to Moldova to get to know this girl personally. Before meeting with Olga, I did not think specifically about marriage, but I knew that I do not want marrying an English woman.

The fact that Moldovan women laid since childhood is to be a good mother and wife and the majority of British women do not have this. For many of them family values do not mean a lot. British women are not too concerned about how they look, or about healthy eating. Moldovan women are sincere and emotional, and it was quite difficult to explain to my future wife, that in our society she has to behave more cautiously. Moldovan people are very open-minded, if they do not like something, they’ll talk about it aloud, but here in Britain it is considered rude and bad manners.

With the advent of Olia my life has changed in every aspect. Olya “dragged” me into the gym. She is constantly preparing first courses, salads and only healthy food. Very economical, the first time she was angry that I did not help her in household affairs. This problem was solved easily: I hired a housekeeper, and when my wife does not have time to cook dinner, we go to a restaurant.

British English is very different from American English, which Olya studied in school, so the first time we poorly understood each other. I tried to choose simpler words and spoke slowly. We talked to Russian English, which means that failure to comply with this order. My parents at first reacted with caution to my choice, but then loved my wife as their own daughter. Of course, there are minor quarrels, between us, but they do not arise from a mismatch between mentalities, but because “women are from Venus and men are from Mars.”

When I met Olga, I did not know how lucky I am. Now I am grateful for the fact that I met my Moldovan wife.

Katya and Eamon
5 years together

Eamon: Katya and I met at a music festival in Ireland. We stood together in line for tickets, joking and the whole show being nearby. Kate then went to Chisinau, and for some time we talked on the Internet. And six months later, she came to visit her friends and stayed to live here. We have gathered quite quickly. At first, it was hard to understand each other, very few people could understand Irish accent, except the Irish, but Katya tried, and now she is fluent in both English and Irish.

Moldovan women are very different from Irish women. The local girls are not very beautiful, unfeminine and always try to be on a par with men. Moldovan women are more romantic, love to celebrate the holidays and anniversaries, lovingly give gifts.

With the advent of Katie my life has changed a lot. Ireland has taken all do as we all: work, home, weekend in nature. Kate can not sit still, constantly throwing a party, loves to travel, dance till morning and laze on the weekends. She still was not used to our “national pastime” – to drink beer in the local pubs. And I can not get used to a variety of local cuisine, but because Kate believes Irish food is “not nutritious,” I have to put up with the daily three-course dinner and the obligatory tea and dessert. Without Kate, I would have stayed a lifetime bachelor.

Translated from, February 2011

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