Successful stories of Lithuanian women who have been married to American men

Brandon was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and his wife Tatiana is from Klaipeda – Lithuanian port city. Brandon and Tatyana got acquainted when Brandon was in Business in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and one of his Lithuanian partners proposed him to see the country better and visit some more places except for the capital. Brandon agreed and he could not even imagine that his visit will lead to marriage.

Brandon: Yeah, it is hard to believe it now. If someone told me that this is going to be the journey that will change my life so greatly right up to the marriage I would never believe in that.

Tatyana: I was sitting in café outside with one of my friends. We were having lunch and chat about the work almost all the time. I don’t remember when Brandon and his friends came to the café. I don’t really pay attention to men who surround me, especially in the café. I was on my own business and focused on some other topics.

Brandon: We were sitting next table to the table where Tatyana and her girl friend were sitting. I noticed Tatyana almost immediately. Actually, women in Lithuania are just stunning (“I hope my wife would not jealous when she reads this”, – smiles Brandon). Tanya was gorgeous. Impressive blond with huge blue eyes could not be ignored by me. I understood that I am not in the club and I can’t buy her drink or somehow to start conversation. So, I had to find out some other ways to get her attention. I decided to be strict, so I stood up, came to their table and asked for her phone number. She was shocked, I guess J

Tatyana: I was unpleasantly surprised, to say the truth. Many foreigners come to Lithuania in search of sex tourism and are very rude towards girls. Their aim is well known and they think all the girls are dreaming to jump into their bed. I thought Brandon was one of them so I refused to give him my number. Read also: Lithuanian dating services: help or disappointment?

Brandon: I knew that I did something not very good but I did not see any other way out and at least I tried. But such flow of things didn’t satisfy me. After spending two days more in Klaipeda we came back to Vilnius. I kept working on my projects but that beautiful blonde just did not come out of my head. I was thinking of her and I guess this was a fate or whatever you call it. I decided to do a thing that I have never did in my life before. When I have got gap o free time in my schedule, I went to Klaipeda and rent a flat for a week there. It was Sunday and I visited the same café we went previous time in hope to find Tatyana there. Unfortunately, I had no luck and she was not there. I didn’t know that she visits it with colleagues during lunch at work and Sunday is the day off. But I did not give up and went there of Monday – no luck. I went there on Tuesday and she was there! I had a plan to visit this café till the end of the week. Tatyana noticed me and it seemed like she smiled. I came to their table again and said that she impressed me when I saw her the first time, that she is not going out of my head, that I want to ask her to drink coffee together some day if she would like to and for this I need her phone number and asked for her phone again. She smiled and gave me her business card. I was happy and came back to my table. The girls were leaving and I was surprised to read on the business card that Tatyana is translator and interpreter, fluent in English and Russian and now I knew what her name is.

Tatyana: I liked his perseverance in some way. I like when man is confident. He was not looking like average foreign tourist who is looking for quick time relations. I didn’t know what to expect from him though and I decided if he calls me to reject his proposal.

Brandon: I called her in the evening and asked to go out with me, but she said she is busy today and I asked when she is free. She told she might be free on Friday. I called her the next day and asked to go for a coffee on Friday evening. We agreed to meet at the same café and we had actually a date there. It was my first date with Lithuanian girl and I liked it. We were talking about what we are doing for life and some other things and I asked her to show me the city on Saturday, but she declined my proposal.

Tatyana: Actually, I liked him, but I didn’t want him to know this. But he was still endured, but not annoying at the same time. We agreed to meet on Sunday. Actually, we had a lot of fun – we visited amusement park, then I showed him downtown of Klaipeda. It was a little cold and we had a warm dinner. I was a good day. On Monday I went back to work and Brandon had to come back to Vilnius. Since this time we were communicating on the phone and two weeks later he asked me to visit him in Vilnius. I agreed and we had a good time in the capital as Brandon knew the city well already. Actually, he proposed me to work in his company as an entrepreneur and proposed free times bigger salary that I got to earn at my work. But I didn’t want to force the events and said I will think. Since that Brandon was visiting me on weekends in Klaipeda and a few times I visited him in Vilnius. We had a great trip over Europe and in summer we visited exotic country of Peru. Our relations were evolved and I finally agreed to work for the company of my future husband and moved to Vilnius. After marriage we live for two countries, but we stay in Lithuania like about 9 months a year and live in the USA for about three months. We don’t have children yet, but Brandon really wants to have kids and we are planning to have in recent time.

Brandon: I am really happy to have Lithuanian wife. I am sure my wife is the best in the world. We are happy to be together, we enjoy every moment we spend together and we are happy family. Besides I have the prettiest in the whole world wife I have a great support at home considering house duties, common duties and the atmosphere at home. The atmosphere at home is very important to be cozy and relaxing, as this is the place where you can hide from irritate world and all recover from the negative you sometimes get during the day and my wife helps to make it all functioning well. At home we share duties and I was not waiting for Tatyana to be a housewife as many Americans imply by having Eastern European wife. I hope our marriage could be a good example for your readers who are inspired by idea of multicultural family. Read also: How Lithuanian women are different from American

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