Successful stories of Latvian women who married American men

Inga: I have met Christopher during my exchange program when I was studying at the university. He was a counterpart of my friend and we hang out together spending free time in the program together with friends. It was a nice time, but when the program ended we felt we miss each other so much. We were communicating via messengers and the next summer Christopher visited me for two weeks. Then we had a long half a year of communication through the Internet and Christopher visited me again on Christmas and New Year. Next summer he made me proposal and we moved to the United States.

Christopher: I like visiting Latvia and Inga’s family, her parents and grandma are very hospitable and kind, but we live in the U.S. Of course, Inga misses her family and we try to fly to Latvia as soon as we can.

Inga: Christopher always helps me in different cross-cultural issues and also helps about the house. We share our duties and both are happy to help each other. He tries to show me American culture and we travel a lot about the country. Read also: Are Latvian women great enough to be the future wife of average American?

Christopher: I love my wife very much and I am very thankful to her for everything. I like to make her presents and to show my admiration in all possible ways. I love the way she treats me, the way she is. I think she is the best wife ever.

Inga: I think we both complement each other and made a good union. We know how to keep a good balance in our family life and at the same time do not forget to develop our personality and do the things each of us likes and is interested. I like to draw paintings. Christopher likes to do mountain hiking.

Christopher: We didn’t have any troubles in cross-cultural communication, because we knew each other during exchange program and I was ready to accept another culture. And in general, Latvian culture shares values of western civilization so it was comfortable for both of us to get to know each other better. Some minor differences were even funny. I am happy for the fact that my wife is Latvian and I think she is happy to have such a good American husband as I am 🙂 Read also: How American women are different from Latvian

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