Successful stories of Americans who married Hungarian girl

Hello there, my name is Mr. X and I was born in the U.S. and all my entire life I lived in the U.S. only few times visiting foreign countries. I am 55 and I don’t look the best way, especially comparing to young muscled guy who visit gym few times every week. I am a little obese, but that is ok as although I feel not comfortable sometimes, I can’t do anything with me and I keep eating tasty fast food as I love it. One day I thought I want to get married. I was married in the past, but we lived with my wife together for only 2 years and we have no kids. It was hard for me to compete with other men in terms of salary as I am a little lazy to work and my wife leaved me.

As I said earlier, I can’t compete with young guys the same with other guys of my age as even now I earn not that much. I also have some problems with women, because they are often too independent as it seems to me they don’t take me serious. I am also very shy and I don’t know how to communicate with women properly because I did not have enough practice. Although I have read many pick up books I didn’t succeed, because I was not even trying, actually. I must admit that I also have many complexes and they disturb me to live happy life. Read also: Why Hungarian women become more popular as brides among Americans?

You will ask me how am I going to find a woman who will not just go for a date with me, but who will become my wife? I want to add that she is not just a woman, but she will be young, having nice slim body and model looking. More of that, she would fully agree to become my wife and is going to please me in bed, she is going to cook me tasty dishes and I will not need a housekeeper to hire, not because I have relatively small income, but because my wife is going to do the laundry, clean the house and do dishes after supper she prepared. I will decide whether I want to help her or not, maybe I would rather lie on the couch and watch my favorite TV show. Would she be offended if I do so? Of course, no, because she is eager to do “woman job” as she likes to say. If I help her I would get deep thanks which will be transformed into unforgettable pleasure in the bed at night. You still think I am make some unreal stories? I must assure you that it is not my imagination as there is a country where such women exist and this is Hungary.

Some say Hungarian women are not whom they were some 10 years ago, some say they become more picky and stuff, but still their character is just adorable comparing to most of American women’s character. I know that in the U.S. I almost have no chances to find descent wife even of my age and talking about American girl at the age of 25 I had to be a billionaire, but in Hungary my small American income is way higher than average in the country and many girls would consider me to be rich man. Of course, I don’t think every girl would consider me good partner for marriage. I am not generalizing, I just have made my own Internet research based on the opinions of other men and what I know for sure – in Hungary I have REAL chances to find candidates for my future wife. I know that except for money I can help her to get American citizenship. Of course I know that all this situation reminds buying some goods and some will say this is inappropriate, not moral etc. You may consider it as you wish, but this is my way and this is how I decided to do. I know there probably would be no love and no feelings, but I am kind person and my attitude to my wife would be generous and great, I hope to give her the best I can and will try to make her happy. We both can give each other something we want and this is how it is in modern world. Don’t judge me too strict for sharing my opinion, but I only got married Hungarian girl in my dreams. I bought a plane ticket to Budapest though and I am going to fulfill my dream into life. Read also: Men are curious – are Hungarian women easy going to foreigners

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