Successful stories of Americans who has married Guyanese women

Robert. I have visited Guyana eventually in mid December because I planned a tour via Central and South America. I liked people and atmosphere. I met my wife in beach café when I started conversation about what traditional Guyanese food I could and should try. She picked up conversation giving me advices and in a few minutes we were sitting by the same table. Since that time we have never left each other. In half a year I asked her to become my wife. We live together in Guyana as I decided to start my own business and bought old restaurant. I and my wife chose design and decoration and now it has two branches – traditional American fast food and traditional Guyanese food which is friendly to foreigners. We are happy to live our life and I am happy I have Guyanese wife.

James. I was so happy to hear English language in South America after few days of nonstop Spanish, probably Portuguese (no difference to me as I don’t understand neither) as I felt like on different planet, it was totally new experience for me! Guyanese English is also weird but it is English! My today’s wife is from Guyana and I have met her in Guyana during the trip and she was our guide. Now we live in the U.S. and she works in travel agency.

Walter. I am American but I live in the U.K. and my wife is from Guyana. We have met each other during studies. We were attending the same University. She is from good family, she is great interlocutor, feminine woman and intelligent person I feel great to be with and I am happy we are together. We have a daughter Eliza we bring up together.

Gerry. We have met each other during summer rest in Brazil. Our romantic affair started once and never finished until now. We were visiting each other periodically and in a year I understood I can’t live without this woman. I made her proposal, she agreed and we live together for two countries and plan to move to the U.S. for permanent stay. Our passion is ourselves and traveling so we are going to combine.

Harold. I am sure we meet people we need in certain period of life. I have met Pretty during retreat in Thailand. Yes, she is pretty and her name is Pretty and she is from Guyana. We understood our meeting here was not accidental. We felt like we are parts of some unity although we seem to be so different and from different parts of the world as well. But we are happy together, we are joined souls and we created new family unit to be together officially as well.

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