Successful stories of Americans who had been married to Serbian girls

The story of love between Peter and Danka has started in summer. Summer is great season to visit Serbia as many choose this country for vacation. Sea, mountains and great climate along with special Balkan atmosphere make your time spending there great adventure. Peter is American who was doing business in Belgium and using friend’s advice decided to visit Serbia. He felt a little uncomfortable because county is not a member of European Union and he was a little worrying about his security. But as it came out later Serbia is nice and safe country with hospitable people and visiting it you don’t have to worry more than when you visiting Belgium or even less.

Danka was selling ice cream downtown on the main square. This suntanned gorgeous brunette attracted Peter’s attention just immediately when he first saw her while making acquaintance walk in the city. So he came to buy some ice cream to enjoy cold sweet taste of it during hot day and also to enjoy the beauty of hot Serbian girl selling ice cream during the same hot day. Peter was surprised by her level of English and asked where she learned the language so good. The girl said she has been working abroad and she also learned English at the University. Peter asked her name but he had problems to remember it. Danka seemed similar to German ‘thank you’ which sounds ‘Danke’ and Peter made such an association. Later when he told it his wife she was laughing and he said that he is thankful life for his Danka.

What was Peter’s plan to win attention of his Serbian woman? Actually, he had no plan. All what he was doing is visiting Danka every day buying ice cream and living small tips. The fourth day he visited Danka he asked could she show him the city after work. She said that on Friday she has day off and she would do it with pleasure. They agreed to meet on this square at 11 in the morning. They had a nice day, Danka showed downtown and told a little about history of the town. Then they’ve had cozy conversation sipping coffee in nice summer café with open terrace and gorgeous view. Conversation flew at ease and very nice in general. It was nice to start discovering each other’s culture which is continuing until now. They have talked about everything starting from work, hobbies, family. First meeting was quite long and lasted until evening. In two days Peter had to leave, but he already had her in messenger and got Danka’s phone number.

Later on their relations were developing on the Internet with the help of new edge technologies and virtual communication. But being experienced in relations with women Peter understood that it is important more often as possible visit his new Serbian girlfriend. So couple of times he visited Serbia and then they had journey around the world which made them much closer. Peter still has business in Belgium which brings him dividends but he decided to move to Serbia to be closer to his girlfriend. He has bought here restaurant and his girlfriend is in charge. Three months later they got officially married. At present they live in Serbia but think of moving to the U.S. especially when they are going to have a child because Peter is sure that it is more safe to give a birth to a child way back home in America.

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