Special mating conditions in Belarus and peculiarities of Belarusian men and women

Belarusians are small nation living in voluntary isolation. Belarusians are always interested in foreigners and foreigners are interested in Belarusians. Belarusians always ask rare guest: “How do you like it here? And what about our girls? “The male foreigners generally can not say anything: they have jaw-dropping from the options. A foreign women tend to notice mediocrity and carelessness of Belarusian men. Belarusian women are quiet pool. Serious women, focused on relationships and marriage and therefore may take the balls hard, you will not even notice.

Belarusian women, of course, have something to be proud of. All, without exception, Western foreigners are crazy of them. Crazy not so much on beauty, but on complaisance and almost Protestant practicality of Belarusian girls, with whom foreigners build strong families. And Belarusian women find in foreign husbands what they could not find in male-Belarusians at home. Sometimes, Belarusian women, like all Soviet people abroad are sad on the “deep spiritual understanding”, which they had at their home in Belarus. Yet these “escaped” and happily married to foreigners Belarusian women prefer not to think about the hard fate of Belarusian women in Belarus.

Any foreigner cures girl from Belarus from the main disease which is low self-esteem. But this is almost never recognized either by Belarusian women (they are “strong”) or foreigners (they did not notice or are just well brought up). Low self-esteem of Belarusian women is “disease”, which they occasionally try to share with others, to belittle another woman, including their daughters and mothers. About her low self-esteem Belarusian woman does not forget even in the first half-year close with an interesting, rich and handsome man, exactly as with the poor idiot guy. Belarusian women are ready to catch virtually any man, even for someone who is not worthy.

Belarusian girls are really serious. Because much more likely to have sex even knowing that it’s one night stand with someone who tell her compliments or the one who beckons serious relationship. American girl would just go to bed just because it is exotic, Russian woman would have sex because of love to Chekhov, to oil, or, for example, because of pity. Spaniard woman would insist first. Englishwoman would go to romantic affair with man for a sense of humor. And it turns out Belarusian girls are unclear: you did not promised to marry her, but feel she is still waiting for something from you. Thinking about the mysterious archetype of modern Belarusians, the origins of it is in history, demographics, new traditions of family relationships and “special conditions of mating in Belarus”, which served together a heavy burden on the shoulders of the nation and on the shoulders of women.

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Numerous wars for centuries rolled in Belarus failed to leave no trace. 70 years ago in Belarusian towns and villages there were much more women than men. Since the patriarchal village way has still not gone away, every woman is trying to get her husband, if not in the house, so at least be caressed man! Boys born after the war, whether legally or illegally married, were triple welcome by mothers and spoiled from the cradle. The explanation for this can be found not only in the 2nd World War, but in the 1st World War, by standing in the middle of Belarus for several years the campaign of Napoleon in three uprisings against the Russian Empire of the XIX century, as well as in the Northern War and other wars against eastern neighbor all these events just mow men. Genetic memory of Belarusians (Belarusian women) is to “preserve and protect the guy” that special way superimposed on genetic hardworking. Here they are, Belarusian women, who store men.

Around the world and at all times more boys are born than girls, as a kind of compensatory reaction of nature on the propensity of men to risk. Times when men risked their lives on the hunt for a mammoth, during wars, at the coal mining or on the timber floating in the civilized world are over. However, Belarus is still falling out of the statistics. It is hard to judge about the reasons, but most likely, they are associated with alcohol, poor motivation at work, lack of material anchors in the form of mortgages, “accounts” and other obligations to his family, society and the lending institutions.

But in general, the difference between the countries is not how many boys are born for one girl, and at an age when the number of same age males is compared with the number of same age women. For example, in Germany the number of same age guys compared with the number of women is the same in the age of 50 years; in the UK at the age of 40; in Canada at the age of 53; in Italy at the age of 47, in the Netherlands after 64; in Nigeria after 49; in Kenya after 46; in Ukraine at the age of 29. In Belarus, the number of male ready for relations and reproduction is compared with the number of women is equal not even at 29, but much earlier, at the age of 25. Actually, it can be seen on the streets, in restaurants, clubs and cafes of Minsk. Belarusian statistics is particularly frightening, because in ’52 women is almost 3 times more than men. This means that the average Belarusian woman has to fight for the Belarusian man with two other Belarusian women. It turns out that after the 2nd World War, the Belarusian society still can not restore the numerical balance “men – women” in their reproductive years. This means that always the active women aged more than men. And if so, the conditions “in the market” are dictated by men. They are the resource in shortage.

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Belarusian spoiled boys. Most interesting is that in Belarus after WW2 till now boys get extra care from mothers, perhaps even unconsciously, moms indulge the whims of boys, while girls from the cradle grown in severity and limitations that are impossible for Belarusian boys. After the war there were no fathers after giving birth to children (often women just preferred to have a baby) or fathers were busy for the next five-year communism construction, while the others continued to suppress their war and camp memories with vodka. Probably, in those years the Belarusian mother finally took the education of boys in her strong hands. Since then, the Belarusian boys grow spoiled. The mother can raise a boy; a real man can raised only by the father. So it turns out that Belarus today ss matriarchal state in which a handful of mustached man sincerely believes he rules the country.

Women in the country run everything from birth and throughout the life of a citizen of a male. Mother runs the boy in the garden. Mother goes to school for parents’ meetings, where she deals with female teachers. Mother washes, cooks, cleans, makes repairs, goes shopping and changes the light bulb. Mother comes with her son to university and to pass tests and exams. Mother buys son wedding suit, gives money to the wedding and buys him a new car or an apartment. And even after the divorce, children remain with their mother.

Where all this time has been and remains the Belarusian man? All this time the men were dismissive. And there were no punishment for them, because women allowed. Men were going to work in Russia, plump beer with friends, watching hockey on TV or just to meet with the mistress. Perhaps all this they have subconsciously learned two or three generations ago, from their grandmothers, who survived the war and were happy to have “any man in the house”.

Any man who is always at home is actually scary. Bad, drunken, idle, lazy the main she has got one. Fragile female Belarusian woman’s hands will bring everything to the feet of her man. Interestingly, these same mothers are tough and demanding to girls: whether to prepare them in advance to the “competition for the guy” in the Belarusian society, or simply unconsciously take out their post-war trauma on girls, which have become genetic. And growing Belarusian girls are responsible and feeling lack of love since childhood. Growing up, harnessed to work in parallel seeking a “female share” ideas about which they are strongly distorted in matriarchal society. But because they live in a world where the handsome actors look from the screen, taking care of their partners, where friends from Germany on Skype telling how many beautiful well-groomed men (and most importantly, idle) for the evening in Munich bar have tokens. They live in modern world where you can fly for a couple of weeks, for example, in Turkey and in two hours to feel like being the center of the universe! This is all normal.

And Belarusian women realize that all their efforts and services for Belarusian men are vain. Hopelessness and decay generate internal anger, aggression and hostility towards other women. Belarusian women never admit this, but it is in its own way, they vent their anger and lack of sex on other Belarusian women. But the “ice” of simple Belarusian women at any age is very easy to melt by a simple compliment, a smile or a signal: “I am not like your guy. I am the ideal of which you dream lonely nights. And all the tension is removed.”

You can refer to any number of divorce statistics, but being in Belarus, the one never have an understanding of the relationship of the fortress, which exists in the average Western family. In the West, the family kept it on the balance of conventional forces man – woman. And women and men are both happy. In Belarus in case of divorce in any of the scenarios a man easily finds a new woman, because after 29 years it is easier for him to find her statistically. After divorce a man in Belarus has almost no responsibility, and the only punishment might be to pay alimony if former spouses have common children. And in a country where the “gray “economy has a weight of up to 40%, it is easy to get away from paying high maintenance to your ex. Usually a woman, even if she has a stock of old fans will have much more difficult to find a new man than before, plus there are additional social spending. Summing up, the man in Belarus in any of the scenarios will be not punished for violating the rules of the game called “relationship”. So Belarusian man use the moment: betray, keeping up with family matters, because women have always known to be a loser and it will be much harder to find another Belarusian men (hello, Europe and Turkey!)

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In the United States or Western Europe the situation is vice verse. The vast number of men makes them strained in relationships and marriage. Treason a wife – got a divorce and a lawsuit in court, taking away a large part of your savings and property. Relaxed – and got a divorce from a wife, believe me, she has a man to go. Lost your woman and left alone with low probability of finding another woman. Men on West build family and rarely get involved in other “games”. Western women with all their potential benefits prefer stability. If Belarus family moves abroad for permanent living, there is a high chance of divorce if husband behaves the same way as in Belarus. They leave husbands, because they are to demanding, comparing to western men and at the same time treat their wife very bad. Women see there is much better attitude from other men and sometime choose another man.

Belarusian women, who find their happiness in the West with the Americans, Swedes, Dutch, Germans, British, Italians, Turks and others are truly happy. Abroad Belarus women are given a chance to be women, they get help in everything, husbands plan life together with wife, – all this is largely unavailable to women in Belarus. There is a hope, if a man in Belarus will live longer, they would also begin to look for a cease gaining weight at age 25 and stop run having romantic relations with other women, having a wife and children at home. I advise Belarus man dating with foreign women and try to check on them your stereotypes, and not to drive self-esteem of women in Belarus to the lowest extend.

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