Some info about Vietnamese “madams” and why Europeans marry Vietnemese women

Women in Vietnam are very beautiful. Neither in China nor in Thailand you will never find such beauties. Vietnamese possess inexpressible grace. Small stature, very slender, always ready to smile, with huge eyes and inexpressibly tender fair skin they will give odds to any European beauty. As soon as it begins to darken, many night butterflies pour into the streets of Saigon. Slender, with chiseled figures, brightly dressed, fair-skinned and white-toothed, they catch lonely men of European appearance. And not lonely men, either. It is only worth pausing and stopping at some window, just as you instantly see a bike with two beauties in mini-skirts. In any bar or nightclub there is also enough such beauties.

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Vietnamese women are well aware of their beauty and carefully guard it. None self-respecting Vietnamese woman will not leave the house under the scorching sun without a hat and in open clothes or without umbrella. They wear clothes completely covering their arms and legs. You will see gloves on their hands and thin nylon socks on their legs. If a lady rides a moped (a moped in Vietnam is the national mode of transport and everyone rides it regardless of sex and age), her face must be hidden behind a mask. The mask reminds one that the doctors wear – a strip of tissue and two ties behind the ears. Only these masks are usually of multi-colored fabric.

Vietnamese women cherish light skin and look like at crazy at European women who could roast on the beaches for hours seeking a chocolate tan. It is very difficult to find an ordinary body lotion or cream in Vietnamese stores as all means for face and body are with whitening effect.

Often on the streets of Vietnam you can meet a couple where she is Vietnamese and he is European. And it is not necessarily he is a fan of “strawberry” and a woman is of easy virtue. Very many Europeans marry Vietnamese girls and are quite happy. They can be understood as they get a beautiful, unpretentious, smiling, wife and besides that a good hostess. Living dream, not a wife, isn’t it? Read also: Dating girls in Vietnam – tips and peculiarities

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