Some important tips for dating Latvian girl

Dating girls seems the same everywhere in the world. Many think like this: if I liked a girl I have to talk to her and if she reacts well I have to ask her for a date; if the date went well I ask her for the next date; if we are dating it’s ok and in the future we will see what our relations will transform to – either marriage or break up of relations. Such scenario is quite generalized and bird’s-eye seen. In every particular case dating has its own peculiar differences that depend on the girl and her character. And if we are talking about international dating, it surely has some particular qualities as in case with dating Latvian girls.

For those Americans or Europeans who think of dating girl from Latvia I would advice to act, to make an efforts, but not only sit home or at work and staring at the monitor looking for tips for dating Latvian girls. Gathering information is good, but then it has surely to be transformed into the next step – actions directly connected with real possibility of dating Latvian girl. Such actions are visiting Latvia and start getting acquainted with local women; keep in mind not every girl you like in Latvia would like to go for a date with you or even like you as person; so, it might be quite a long run until you find some candidates for girlfriend in Latvia.

Actually, I don’t understand American or western European man who dreams of dating pretty Latvian girl, but do nothing for it. Come on, guys! Latvia is in European Union and is easily accessible country. There are many companies which offer chip flights from the USA to Europe and back and if it is going about plane ticket from any EU country to Latvia it costs just pinchbeck. Many foreigners have already done so and feel happy, so why you cannot be one of them? You earn pretty much to fly to Riga, Latvia, for example, and then have some time living in that beautiful country. You may go to the seaside, somewhere to Jurmala, for example, and meet there many pretty Latvian women who visit this resort city at the Baltic Sea to have rest and, maybe, in hope of some romance.

It is also very important not to make many mistakes when spending time with Latvian woman. Every country, every mentality has its own special features and women of Latvia have some things special to them and you will need to find out what to do or not to do when having date with Latvian woman. These tips, of course, are not compulsory to do, but still important to know and they will only help you, bringing not harm for sure. Also keep in mind unique nature of every particular woman as this fact has great influence as well, saying other words – be ready to react properly in your own situation and make the right conclusion.

Slowly we came to the main point of the article. The tips that will help you on the first date with Latvian woman. As I think you would like to turn the first date into long term relations. And if not, this information would be helpful anyway, for general erudition of proper behavior with women. Latvian woman is looking for interesting man, who is able to make her laugh, with whom she will have opportunity to feel alive, to spend great time together and to open something new. Latvian woman is rather looking for boyfriend who will bring new stream of fresh air in her life. Knowing that you can use that all. But if you are not very creative and creating new attractions and thinking of what interesting and fun to do for your girl makes you tired, do not do this, just be who you are, be yourself. Some say it is good to show your leader skills and show you are the man. As for me, I have my own opinion. If you have those skills, you can use them as Latvian women are not western women and somewhere in the deepness of mind could have a need of be ruled by man, and in this case you will show her your real man power. But if you will pretend, if you don’t have leadership skills, Latvian woman would immediately notice your poor acting and your suffering role and in the best case she would consider it funny; in the worst she would consider you insincere and even liar and that would lead to the end of your very relations. That is why I always say you have to be yourself. If woman does not like you for who you are, this is not your woman and it does not matter if she is Latvian, Italian or Peruvian.

If you are not leader for life, you may find Latvian woman who is leader for life herself and that would make you both feel comfy. If she still expects for your leadership role, try to be more initiative. Find out more about the city you are in and propose to visit different places. That would be a kind of showing your leader qualities, but hidden and under the cover of nowadays society masks.

When it is going about first date with Latvian woman, you better go to some nice restaurant and have romantic dinner or usual dinner. There you can talk about different things, find out what she likes and see whether you suit each other or not really. Good finish for the first date would be walking her to the cab. There might be first kiss or no, you will see it on the situation, just be in the gold middle, don’t be too pushy and either not shy. It is better for man to be initiative and sometimes tactful than shy. If the next date is going to happen it is great sign you made everything right and she liked you. Now you know her tastes and the second date could be rather different. You may go skiing or skating and have lots of fun. Sipping hot wine after energetic skiing would make you physically tired and relaxed at the same time; in one word – it would make you closer. Surprise your woman, even if she says she does not like surprises. You have to show your Latvian girl you can be spontaneous but not dangerous, interesting and safe at the same time. Then she will like you as you are perfect man – interesting who will never make her feel bored and at the same time man whom she can always trust and hold on your shoulder even in the hardest periods of life.

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