Some brief characteristics of Armenian women

If 30 years ago men used to use simple traditional or even conservative way to interest a girl in future date or even something more, men used old tricks like showing interest, paying attention, taking care or offering help; men of that days that are gone liked to get woman interested even without using a telephone. And what do we observe now? If some girl is the subject of adornment for a man, the first thing he does is like button in the social network. Is it right choice to do? I think, according to the situation of nowadays, yes, it is the right choice to do so.

First of all this “like” would show her you are active guy, you liked her already, but you don’t have to stop and keep doing active things. Do not be just internet hero, because it is important to move from internet likes and loves to real life and you have to know when to turn this switch on. You have to switch between virtual and real life and internet social network like have already done his job, helped you and now you have to more to the next level. Does it work with Armenian girls? – , you would ask. Of course, I would answer to you.

Let us move a little bit to the part one that includes news and tips about interned dating with Armenian girls. We live in a world that spins very quickly around us and sometimes we don’t have a time for real dating, no matter how stupid it sounds and because of that we have to use Internet services to date or find, for example, some Armenian girls. Internet services of dating become more and more popular every day and within 15 years we would not find Armenian girl who has got to know her man, boyfriend or husband, without using internet.

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Even on the internet Armenian girls look after themselves and are looking just perfectly. They are not using a lot of makeup, but that small amount of it helps to emphasize only the main the most beautiful features. When we are talking about dresses and hills Armenian girls wear, sometimes it is hard to talk about things like that because mouth is dry because of such a beauty. Even being on the camera, Armenian girls look perfect, impressive and model like and with HD quality you may even imagine she is somewhere close to you. It is also important here to use technologies properly, because otherwise you may get into the trap of World Wide Web and not willing to come back into reality which helps you to feel the taste of life and to do the most important thing – to make procreation or reproduction if to talk about this using synonym. Armenian girls are known by contrast of dark hair, white skin, slim figure and picturesque butt. Even despite the fact that most of Armenian girls are grown up with the spirit of obedience and were raised to become faithful wives, they used to get married early and now the situation is changing rapidly where they choose to live for themselves a little and then get married. And they would marry not the guy from the corner, but reach man, preferably somewhere from West; sometimes there are exceptions, though, and they appear mostly because of some particular policy inside of the family, for example, where Armenian father is the head of the family and his word could not be protested; sounds archaic, but that is the type of culture we may observe there in Armenia and this is so quite, as for me. So, probably there is a chance to find Armenian girl at the age of 20 or 21 and get married with her, of course, if her father is not against such rich foreign son in law.

If to talk about global emancipation, it is not about Armenian girls. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are so minor that we could loudly say feminism has not conquered Armenia yet; it has only gently touched a shoulder of the lady named Armenia. Armenian women remain quiet, gentle, hospitable, adore and honor men; hardworking and kind, but very often shy and not willing to go for a contact at first. This is not after Soviet inherited complex of shyness; this is family behavior during centuries, behavior that was imprinted into genome.

Armenian women are very feminine and it is so easy for them to charm a man. That charm is vital, because along with this beauty man can find pure love and perfect groundwork for the beginning of the family creation and procreation. With Armenian woman you are sure your kids would be always in mother’s love and care; your house would be neat, clean and cozy; and your bed will always remind you having such passionate lover near you. Amazing tasty dishes of Armenian cuisine would always be on your table and your friends would lick their fingers after they try some dishes prepared by your Armenian wife. Your friends would have very serious reason to envy you and you will always be proud of this. Special atmosphere of mixed Armenian-American family is exactly what many lonely guys around the globe dream of and this is what helps different cultures to survive by mixing and making each one stronger.

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